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Learn the hot jobs in your field

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Are you in a field that has a future?
My friend Randy’s proactive approach to finding his next job reminds me of Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote, "A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

In Randy’s case, he researched what the hot jobs will be related to his field in the near and long term. Then he put together a plan to use and improve his abilities to attain a well paying job in the technical field … a job that will make him much sought after for years to come.

Are you seeking the jobs of the future … or of the past? It’s a deceptively simple question with only one logical answer: We should seek the jobs of the future. But sadly, I find that most of my unemployed friends are seeking jobs that no longer exist.

For example, in my field, which is communications, almost every job opening I see seeks someone who can communicate business messages successfully through social networking. When I forward such leads to friends in my field, I often hear from them that business social networking is not their area of expertise or that they’re not interested in pursuing such leads.

Are you disqualifying yourself from great jobs because you are resistant to change? Take a tip from Gretzky’s playbook instead and figure out where the puck will be in your field.

CareerPlanner.com features a great deal of useful information in its article Hot Jobs for the Future. Read over their recommendations, then put together an action plan to attain a job where you can be invaluable for the long term.

How are you evolving to land a hot job with long-term potential? Share your comments via the Contact tab. Thanks! Kathy

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