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How to set up a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn company page
Create a LinkedIn company page to spotlight your brand on the world's largest business network.

Creating a LinkedIn company page lets your organization stand out on the world’s largest business network. And the good news? Creating a company page won’t cost you a dime and is fairly easy to set up. 

LinkedIn company page
To create a company page (which is different than your profile, which is all about you), log onto LinkedIn and then click the “Work” icon. Select “Create a Company Page”. Add your company name, create a LinkedIn public url (your organization’s customized LinkedIn web address), and verify that you are an official representative of your organization. 

Then complete your page’s “About us” section, add your 300 x 300 pixel logo, a 1536 x 768 pixel image banner and list up to 20 specialties.

IMPORTANT NOTES: You must be the authorized person from your organization to establish the company page. Your company must have a web site and you must include a physical address. 

LUDICROUS NOTE: Even though people choose to follow your company page to express interest in your organization, you as the page owner / administrator, can't see the names of people following your page. LinkedIn used to show you followers' names, but it now says it is an invasion of their privacy, even though you can see a person's interests, including companies followed, at the bottom of their profiles. Despite this stupidity on LinkedIn's part, company pages are valuable for conveying your brand and services to interested parties.

Once you have created the page, visit your personal profile page, scroll to your job entry at your company and retype the company name into the company box. Select your company name (now with logo) from the list that pops up and click save. Your logo will show on your profile and people can click from the logo to visit your company page. Ask employees to also link to your company page.

Encourage people to follow your company page by sending them the LinkedIn public url address. Follow the WiserU company page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/wiseru. 

Keep in touch with followers by clicking your page’s “Manage Page” button and posting often into the “Share an article, photo, video, or idea” box.

Study large companies' pages to learn and use best practices for banner design, logo, summary wording, articles, and more.

Microsoft on LinkedIn

Apple on LinkedIn

The bottom line: You don’t have to be Microsoft or Apple to impress on LinkedIn, you just need an impressive LinkedIn company page.


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