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We are also part of America! Hire us!

international women candidates
Solve your talent shortages! Hire immigrant women! 

In the USA, it’s high time to acknowledge that immigrant women in the workforce is essential to a booming economy! 
A higher employment rate of immigrant women would lead to more earning and spending by immigrant families and a more robust economy for the entire country.

Many immigrant women in the United States are not only fully equipped with professional degrees, but also with skills and work experience to solve the U.S. talent gap. Some may need a license or refresher course to work in certain jobs, while many others can work right away. Often, these immigrants can speak multiple languages that could help your business expand into new markets and better serve your existing customers.

international women hires
Yet, instead of recognizing this huge, qualified talent pool and hiring capable immigrant women, employers cry, “Talent shortage!”

Too often, immigrant women remain un-hired, even when they are qualified and have the proper paperwork to work in the U.S. Or, they are rejected for other suspect reasons, like being “overqualified” (which is really just age discrimination). Or, they are rejected because they have a gap in employment (because of their difficulty in getting hired in the U.S.), or they are not hired because of prejudice against their religious background.

Sadly, instead of being an advocate for immigrant women, some employers and their recruiters, criticize immigrant women because of their national origin or infer that their education and work experience are of no value to American companies, even though their backgrounds clearly make them qualified for open positions.

It is against American values and the law to discriminate against immigrants who possess necessary qualifications and proper paperwork.

international women hires

Yet, just to get their footing inside an organization to gain the American work experience is made extremely unreachable even for entry-to-mid level positions. Using the excuse that immigrant women job candidates don’t have U.S. experience is not only wrong, it’s stupid! We have experience doing the job, the education required, and the ability to provide quality service. That should be enough!

Recruiters and hiring managers: For the U.S. economy and your business to grow, hire qualified immigrant women! It’s not only the law, it’s the right thing to do and not nearly as difficult as you think.

St. Louis companies: The St. Louis Mosaic Project can help your organization hire international students and immigrants, help you understand work visas and sponsorships, and provide legal advice for how best to employ international talent. Learn more. 


Guest post by Fatima Oberoi.  (Thank you, Fatima!)

Fatima is seeking a Content Management, Social Media Marketing or Digital Strategy position in St. Louis, Missouri, or she can work remotely. She is authorized to work in the United States. Feel free to 
connect with her on LinkedIn. 

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