The new way to find LinkedIn's Advanced Search

Before LinkedIn changed its interface (in late 2016/early 2017), finding Advanced Search was easy. You just clicked "Advanced" next to the search box. 

old version of LinkedIn advanced search

After the change, finding LinkedIn's Advanced search is hidden ... in plain sight. Simply click the magnifying glass within the search box. That brings up a page of options including All, People, Jobs, Content, Companies, Groups, and Schools. 

LinkedIn advanced search

When you click "People", a sidebar allows you to filter people by several parameters, including by keyword, location, current company, and many more. 

Advanced search filters using LinkedIn advanced search

When you click "Jobs", you can sort results by date posted, company, experience level, location, and more.

Using LinkedIn jobs advanced search

The other categories don't have such a nice filtering process and search results suffer as a result. 

The worst search experience occurs when you try to search Companies. This is a shame because before the interface change, searching Companies on LinkedIn was terrific. You could sort by location, industry, company size, and more so that you could, for example, see a list of the largest hospitals in Los Angeles. 

Searching for companies on LinkedIn

Now, if you search "Los Angeles, hospitals", you can't subdivide the list by size or other filters, so you get a crappy grab bag list of any organization remotely related to LA healthcare. A company with 11-50 employees shows up higher than UCLA Health with 10,000+ employees.   

LinkedIn could easily fix this company search crap fest, but despite repeated complaints, chooses not to. (If you know how to get LinkedIn to provide better company page results, please leave a comment to let me and others know how!)

In the meantime, get more precise search results on LinkedIn by clicking the magnifying glass! -- Kathy


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