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Developing your online reputation one step at a time

Creating a strong online presence
A huge part of developing your online reputation is making sure that you are visible online. The good news? You can build the foundations for your online brand all by yourself. 

About Blogging
The first step? Build your own blog, particularly if you are a writer. You may be writing for other sources or publications, but there is a big reputation benefit to having your own little corner of the web. 

Updating your blog on a regular basis with new content—short articles, long articles, interviews, etc.—can go a long way toward increasing your online visibility. 

Additionally, with a consistently produced blog, you will have original and constructive links to share on social media, which can help build your following.

Google Blogger
Establish a blog using a platform like Google-owned Blogger.com.

Even if your readership stays small, a blog can anchor your online brand and produce positive, shareable content on social media that is linked to your name. And the best part? Since blog content management systems like Blogger are free and easy-to-use, there is a very low barrier to entry.

The next steps: Resume Site, Online Portfolio and LinkedIn Profile
Posting your resume online, creating an online portfolio, and developing a strong LinkedIn presence can also increase your online presence.

Posting your resume online gives you a place where recruiters and prospective employers can find you. It also gives you a positive and useful piece of content that you can use to improve your personal branding and Google search results. Simply include the link to the site when communicating with potential employers.

To make it easy to find your resume on the web, post your resume on a dedicated, detailed, full-fledged website about you, your skills, your education, and your professional accomplishments, NOT on a recruitment site. 

Create an online resume site using a site like Wix.com.

One of these easiest platforms to build such a site is Wix.com, which has several attractive (and free!) templates. 

  • Take advantage of the website format: Unlike a paper resume, a web site allows you to expand beyond one or two pages. Use different web pages for work history, education, skills, etc.) and use headers, bulleted lists, and other site features to make each page attractive and easy to read.  
  • Use images: In most cases, print resumes are all text. A website resume is different. You can use backgrounds, photographs (including a professional head shot photo for your landing page), and other images to spice up each page and complement the text in personal and creative ways.
  •  Optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)In what industry are you hoping to find a job? What specific career do you want? Ask yourself these questions and then do research to find common keywords associated with that industry and career path. If you are seeking a job in a specific place, mentions your city on your web pages. Also, mention your name more than once. All of these actions can enhance the SEO of your site and improve the likelihood that your online resume will be found.
  • Establish a domain name that incorporates your name. Use a site like Panabee.com to find and buy an available domain name (often for as little as 99 cents). If yourname.com is available, buy it. If it's taken, use your middle initial, numbers, or job title to find a variation that is available. Getting a domain name with your name will create a stronger link between your name and your site. As a result, your page will have a better chance of coming up in Google searches for your name and positively impacting your online branding.

Use sites like Behance.net to create an online portfolio.

An online portfolio could be right for you if you have tangible work to show off, such as writing samples or design work. Sites like Behance.net allow you to upload full-color scans of articles and published pieces, as well as on websites. The visually engaging result will make a professional impression on potential employers who seek examples of your work.

Establish a strong LinkedIn profile to attract employers to you.

Build a strong LinkedIn profile. Why? Because, according to LinkedIn, you have a 40 times greater chance of landing a job than if you have a bad or non-existent LinkedIn profile. The reason it's so successful is because an amazing 97% of U.S. recruiters use the site to find or vet job candidates. 

Most importantly include the job titles that you want into your LinkedIn headline and summary sections. List up to 50 job-related skills in the Skills section and get several people to endorse you for them. Repeat your skills in your summary section and include relevant job titles in your work experience section PLUS the duties that you performed under each job listing. 

The bottom line: For a stellar online presence for job search, get busy! Create a blog and personal resume site, establish an online portfolio, and build a high-scoring LinkedIn profile. 


Guest post by Michael Klazema.

Michael has been developing products for criminal background check and improving online customer experiences in the background screening industry since 2009. He is the lead author and editor for Backgroundchecks.com

He lives in Dallas, TX with his family and enjoys the rich culinary histories of various old and new world countries. 


Thanks, Michael! Like you, WiserU is also a firm believer in establishing a strong online identity and reputation for job search or business. 


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