Ways to work from home successfully

Want to work from home? More and more employees (and their companies) are learning how to do it successfully and you can too. 

recent study from Polycom shows that almost a third of employees regularly work remotely, and almost two-thirds have a flexible work schedule. Clearly the concept of the workplace is changing rapidly and dramatically. The new challenge then becomes: how to stay connected and engaged as part of a cohesive team? 

This graphic shares solutions to stay connected in a work-from-home world.
working remotely
With almost 80% of employees working on a team with someone in a different office, developing inclusive communication strategies and workflows is key to ensuring everyone on your team is up-to-date. Chat apps like Slack or Skype can help teammates keep in touch whether employees work remotely or not. 

Many companies also use online collaboration apps like Google’s G Suite or Basecamp to increase productivity and coordinate document organization. 

Hardware can also help. Installing something like a Nucleus home intercom system in conference rooms can keep home workers connected and engaged through face-to-face communication.

If your company is looking to draw a younger workforce as part of your recruiting process, suggest to them that a flexible work schedule is a key benefit. Over two-thirds of millennials reported a work-from-home benefit would “substantially increase their interest in an employer.” 

The final thought: If you're seeking to work from home, suggest to your current or potential employer the tools mentioned above as a way for you to work remotely. It might just be the way for you to do the job you love without having to leave home! 

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Infographic provided by Nucleus.

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