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What to pay for in your job search

A do-it-yourself job search may not be the answer for you.
Are you looking for a job? Whether you are a recent college graduate or looking to make a career switch, searching for a job can be daunting. Fortunately there are resources to make the hunt easier. With today's competitive market, job seekers need to work smarter. 

Consider these investments as you hunt for your next opportunity:

Invest in Your Presentation

Presentation is a key component in your potential success. If you aren't landing interviews, you may need to revamp and redraft your resume and cover letter. 

There are reputable resume companies, including WiserU, that can help you with the overall presentation of your documents. We also offer breakthrough LinkedIn profile optimization services, which can significantly improve your chances of being found by recruiters ... 97% of whom use LinkedIn to find or vet candidates. Although it's hard to spend money while searching for a job, it could mean the difference between a chance at an interview and your resume being rejected.

If you do land the interview, think about how you present yourself. Invest in a business suit and dress shoes because first impressions make a difference in a job interview.

If you are an introvert or nervous about your interview, practice answering mock questions at home. Videotaping your answers may prove helpful in tweaking your presentation.

Depend on Reliable Transportation

How are you getting to your interviews? Depending on someone else for a ride may not be the best way to secure or keep a job. Purchase a reliable and economical vehicle to get you around town. If your job requires a long commute, get a vehicle that is economical and has good gas mileage. Consider DriveTime to purchase a fuel-efficient and reliable vehicle, such as the Toyota Prius or Ford Fiesta.

Perfect Your Pitch

Are you knowledgeable about the companies where you are seeking employment? Can you convey how you would be a good fit? Knowing how to pitch yourself is important, and you must do your part to learn as much as you can about the companies where you want to work. Read the business' mission statement, familiarize yourself with the various roles in the company and learn the company culture. 

To gain more insider information, contact a recruiter to determine the key components that the company looks for when considering new hires.

Seek a Mentor
If you are running up against roadblocks in a particular field, find a mentor. Contact your college alma mater or known organizations to provide you with a list of potential people you can contact about how to effectively manage your job search. Prior to meeting with your mentor, determine what questions you want to ask and what role he or she can take to help you.

Become Savvy in Social Networking

In today's electronic age, technology plays an integral part in your job search. Review your profile on LinkedIn and other sites to determine if they need any updates. Comb through your Facebook page to make certain there aren't any red flags that might dissuade an employer from hiring you. If it is a common practice among your colleagues to have a website, develop an online portfolio of your skills and accomplishments. A virtual resume, such as what you can create on CarbonMade, may help you secure your dream job.

The bottom line: If your do-it-yourself job search isn't cutting it, invest in your job search.

Guest post by SocialMonster.


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