How to add a banner image to a free LinkedIn account

Have you seen them … those huge banner images that are at the top of some people’s LinkedIn profiles? YOU can be one of those people and you don’t have to have a LinkedIn premium account to do so.

Adding such a large hero image on your LinkedIn profile can help you stand out as a professional, business owner or job seeker and establish your brand on the world’s largest business network – LinkedIn.

I’ll explain how to add a header image, but first let’s look at what LinkedIn offers its premium account holders. 

Premium account holders have a blue header image space appear across their Edit Profile page like this …

LinkedIn header box, LinkedIn premium account header,
LinkedIn premium account holders can opt for a standard header design or upload their own image. Free account holders can only upload their own image.

LinkedIn premium account holders can click "Edit Background" and select from the following standard images that are already sized and optimized for the LinkedIn header image space.

LinkedIn premium banner image options, LinkedIn premium header design options
Only LinkedIn premium account holders can add one of these standard header images.

If you have a free account, you can still add a header image, but it must be uploaded from your computer. But not just any sized image will fit the space. Oh no, the image space is very challenging so you will need image manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop, and the patience of a saint to try it yourself, or access to a good graphic designer (or, learn about another viable option at the bottom of this post).

LinkedIn banner sizes, LinkedIn header image parameters, LinkedIn banner diagram
Tricky … very tricky. The image parameters for the LinkedIn header image are challenging!

As you can see in the image above, a large portion of your header image is invisible because your contact information box will be superimposed over it. Additionally the LinkedIn banner image is responsive (which means that the image will change size depending on the screen size and the device you are using to look at it). So, for example, if you make your screen narrower, the image will grow smaller behind your Contact Info box (while it stays the same size) and certain additional portions will be hidden from view. 

To top off the difficulties, your view of your image looks different than what others see even if you click “View Profile As Connections” because a long white box obscures the top part of your view.

Here’s what I mean about all the challenges:

LinkedIn banner image, LinkedIn banner image design,
The large Contact Info box and the responsive nature of the header image makes designing your artwork challenging.

Just the stats
According to LinkedIn, you should create your header image in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, under 4MB in size. A resolution of 1400 by 425 pixels looks best. For readability, make sure no type goes beyond the approximately 50 pixel margin around the top and sides.

When you save your header image to your profile, visit it “As a connection” to see how it looks. Don’t worry if part of your image is covered by the white box at the top because others won’t see the white box in their view. Adjust your screen width to see how your image will look at different widths and make adjustments as needed. You may also want to try viewing your profile on a tablet, as well as on a laptop or desktop computer.

Because of the complexity of the space, it’s best to keep the image simple. If, however, you elect to add a logo, text and complicated imagery, expect frustrations getting your image to show correctly.

Another way

For an eye-catching header image without having to upgrade to LinkedIn premium, opt for a WiserU header image. Choose from:

  • A custom header image with your logo, text and image for your profile or company page – $109.
  • A word cloud header image with key words from your resume or bio -- $69 (expect it in 5-7 business days)
  • A standard WiserU header image (no customization) -- $29 (expect it in 1-2 business days). See selection below.

LinkedIn banner image options, LinkedIn header image options.
Choose from a variety of WiserU banner options. The top section (above) shows custom banner examples for profiles or company pages for $109. The 2nd section shows word cloud banner examples (that relate to your resume or bio) for $69, and the 3rd section features standard headers for $29)

To order by credit card via PayPal, choose the type of header that you want: 
1) Customized Banner with Client Logo/Company Imagery  - $109 
2) Customized Word Cloud Banner with words from your resume or bio - $69 
3) Standard Header Image (choose from our existing styles) - $29

LinkedIn Banner Options
Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you an email requesting needed information to complete your order, such as your logo, wording and imagery for a custom header; your resume or bio for a word cloud header; or your style preference for a standard header. To pay by check or invoice, contact Sue Lopez at 847-606-5160 or

Whichever version you choose, we’ll send you instructions so that you can easily upload your image onto your LinkedIn profile and start reaping the benefits of a well-branded LinkedIn presence!  – Kathy Bernard, The LinkedIn Whisperer

Feel free to invite me to connect. I am the Kathy Bernard in St. Louis, MO.

Stand out on LinkedIn with an eye-catching header image!


Breakthrough header images are just one way that WiserU can help you maximize LinkedIn. We also offer:

  • Group LinkedIn training for sales, recruiting, fundraising, or career
  • Individual LinkedIn training for your specific business/career needs
  • Executive-level LinkedIn profile creation / optimization
  • Company-wide brand building on all employees’ profiles
  • LinkedIn company page creation/optimization 
  • Lead generation services (we’ll find your prospects for you!)
  • Resume creation, career coaching and job interview prep training

To learn more, visit the Services page of or contact Sue Lopez at 847-606-5160 or

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