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How to add a banner image to your LinkedIn profile page

Have you seen them … those huge colorful banner images that are at the top of some people’s LinkedIn profiles? YOU can be one of those people and you don’t have to have a LinkedIn premium account to do so.

Kathy Bernard LinkedIn profile banner
Note how I made sure not to include type too close to my face circle.

Adding such a large hero image on your LinkedIn profile can help you stand out as a professional, business owner or job seeker and establish your brand on the world’s largest business network – LinkedIn.

Everyone's profile features a blue default header image space appear across their Edit Profile page that looks like this …

To add a banner image, visit your profile page, click the blue pencil in the top box and then click the tiny blue pencil in the banner space. Upload your preferred image from your computer. But not just any sized image will fit the space. You will need an image that is 1584 x 396 (or similar size) to fit. You may need an image manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva, or access to a good graphic designer.

As you can see in the image above, a portion of your header image will be covered by the circular face box in the computer-view of your profile. The added design challenge? The face box is centered in the mobile view and takes up different space within the banner.  

Here’s what I mean about all the challenges:
Image by Bernie Borges
Image by Bernie Borges, https://twitter.com/bernieborges/status/1087466901943521282

According to LinkedIn, you should create your header image in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. For readability, make sure no type goes beyond the approximately 50 pixel margin around the top and sides.

Because of the complexity of the space, it’s best to keep the image simple -- for example, maybe just show a beauty shot of your city or a nice, simple landscape or an image that conveys your industry, such as a house on sale if you are a Realtor. If, however, you elect to add a logo, text and complicated imagery, expect frustrations getting your image to show correctly. Because the mobile version seriously messed with where I wanted to put my type, I opted just to optimize my banner for the computer-version. You may want to optimize for both. 

Add a colorful LinkedIn banner to your profile and attract more visitors to you and your company! -- Kathy


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