How to set up a resume that gets results

Want to create a resume that GETS RESULTSFollow these specific steps to transform your resume. Pay close attention, each one of these tips are golden

Most recruiters prefer a chronological resume where you list job duties immediately underneath the related job title (as shown), instead of putting all of your duties/accomplishments under categories like "Sales" (aka functional or capabilities resume).
To find and add your LinkedIn address (URL) to your resume, log into LinkedIn, click your Profile page and copy the web address beneath your photo. It will look something like mine: -- Feel free to invite me to connect on LinkedIn there. I'm the Kathy Bernard in St. Louis.

Add your education near the end of your resume unless you graduated recently.

Take extra care to camouflage having had too many jobs or too big of a gap in between positions. 

Redo your resume to get results!

Despair about doing your own resume? 

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