Diagram of an easy AND effective resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to create a resume that GETS RESULTS without a ton of work? It's easier than you think. Follow these specific steps to transform your resume (pay close attention, these tips are golden.) 

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Make page 1 of your resume POWERFUL with these tips.
(To find your LinkedIn address, log into LinkedIn, click your Profile page and copy the web address beneath your photo. It will look something like mine: www.linkedin.com/in/kathybernardcommunicator/ -- feel free to invite me to connect there.)

resume template, effective resume template, easy resume template, resume design, resume infographic
Add a strong education and awards and affiliation sections to page 2 of your resume.
resume template, special resume challenges, effective resume template, resume design, resume infographic,
Had too may jobs? Craft your resume to camouflage the problem.

The bottom line: Craft your resume in a way that brings results! -- Kathy

Which of these resume tips ticks you off? What question or comment do you have about creating resumes? Share your thoughts!

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