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Easy trick to de-age your resume

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If you don't want to be seen as too seasoned and too expensive, don't include the line that nearly every Baby Boomer features on their resume. 

Can you guess what the line is?

It's "20+ years of experience in [YOUR SPECIALTY HERE]" ...or 25+ years or 30+, or whatever.

Instead of spouting the YEARS that you've been in circulation, share your RELEVANT STRENGTHS for the position and WHY your past accomplishments MATTER for the opening.

Companies simply DON'T CARE about your longevity beyond what's requested. Sure, they want someone with the required number of years of experience for their position (which usually tops out at 10 years), but what they really want to know is what you CAN and WILL do for them.

The bottom line: Promote your strengths, NOT your years! 

Argue with me if you disagree or share your thoughts! It's great to hear different perspectives. Please share this tip with others. Thanks, Kathy

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  1. I agree. Also remove dates you were in school and dates of licenses unless the position requires licensing. Don't include jobs from more than 12 years ago, unless the're essential to this job. A functional resume works better for older candidates. DO include computer skills & your Linkedin url.

  2. Couldn't agree more. In fact, not only does "X years of experience" date you, it's really a cop-out. So you existed somewhere competently for a period of time? Should the reader care? NOPE.
    Instead, tell them the KIND of experience, SCOPE or VARIETY of experience and the deliverables you can provide to them. Better yet forget "experience" all together and talk about expertise in terms of the knowledge skills and abilities that you have that will enable you to make good on the promise of what you will deliver.
    Thinking a hiring manager should talk to you because you've "done something" for a "certain amount of time" is a bit presumptuous frankly.
    That's my story and I am sticking to it.
    and thanks for the awesome post!

    1. Hi Todd, I learned and understood that tip quickly and adapted my resume accordingly. I just wanted to add more on what the prospective employer may see in those extended years. They may presume that your an old "know-it-all" and won't want to learn their policy & procedures. Or, most likely, this candidate has learned a lot of "short cuts" in their specialty which could result in a lackadaisal work ethic and low quality product - it does happen. Or, they could also presume, or prove, all of their Certifications, etc, are old, out-dated and basically useless anyway. And certainly it could result in your resume falling to the bottom of the pile because, let's be real, they'd rather bring in the less experienced worker who will accept a lower starting pay-rate with the expenditure of a little training; whereas if the reader gets entranced first by your VALUE to THEM, they'll be more apt to justify your worth because they're excited to have you with them! Best wishes on smart campaigning to all of us still seeking opportunites!

  3. Tina, I agree with your comments except about the functional resume. Because they are so difficult to use for online application systems, I don't recommend them even to seasoned workers unless they are just walking their resume in (such as far a retail job).

    Todd, I like your perspective about X years of experience ... truly someone is not going to pick someone for a job because they have existed longer.


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