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6 tricks to quickly improve your resume

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Use these six tips to improve your resume.
Not getting the response to your resume that you hoped?

These six tricks can make the difference between your resume getting put in the discard pile and you getting an interview. 

Why? Because in every case, these steps will make it easier for recruiters to see that you are highly qualified for their job opening. 

1) Add your LinkedIn address to your contact information section. You can find it by logging on to LinkedIn, clicking on your Profile tab and then copying the web address just under your photo and pasting it into your resume. 

Why take this step? So the recruiter can check you out further and be impressed by what you have listed on your profile. (Howto shorten/customize your profile address)

2) Instead of an objective statement (which, sadly, companies don’t care about), include a bold headline that relates as strongly as possible to the job title/description

Why take this step? It instantly shows the recruiter that you are uniquely qualified for the position.

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Use a bold headline that relates to the position instead of an objective statement.
3) Add a skills section and put in all of your relevant skills in alphabetical order

Why take this step? To make it as easy as possible for a recruiter to scan your list and observe if you have the requisite skills for the job.

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Add a skills section where you list your relevant skills in alphabetical order.

4) Display your past companies and job titles as impressively as possible. Do so by including a brief company description right after the company name (to impress people by the size and scope of your past companies). Also include additional job title/descriptors after your official job title. For example, if your official title was Marketing Associate, but that doesn’t fully describe what you did, include relevant job titles/descriptors behind that title in parentheses. 

Example: Marketing Associate (Sales Assistant | Sales Support | Inside Sales)

Why take this step? Vague official job titles can hurt your chances for a new job. Make it obvious that you have the necessary on-the-job experience despite your past titles.  

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Add a company description to show the size and scope of your past employers. Also include relevant job title/descriptions in parentheses after your official job titles.

5) Change your resume for each opening by (truthfully!) spitting back to the hiring company the job requirements/duties that they seek in order in your work history section. 

Why take this step? When you list that you meet or exceed the requirements in order, you’ve made putting your resume in the “yes” pile easier for the recruiter who normally has to search for such duties scattered throughout your resume.

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Include the job duties/requirements the job description seeks in order.

6) Ensure that your college degree abbreviations “pop” on your resume by putting them to the far left. 

Why take this step? Putting the degree abbreviations on the left rather than in the midst of your college listing makes it easier for the resume reviewer to see that you have the requisite degree.    
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Put your degree abbreviations to the left so that they are easy to spot.
What do you think about these resume tricks? What tricks have you tried to improve the response rate to your resume? Share your thoughts!


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