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How to send LinkedIn Get Introduced messages and what to say

Want to contact someone you don’t know about a job opening? LinkedIn Get Introduced messages let you reach your extended network (including people you don’t know) through one of your 1st degree connections. While LinkedIn Get Introduced messages are useful, watch out! They can be confusing and tricky.

Your connection can forward your message to your desired recipient directly (if it is a 1st degree connection of your friend). 

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With a 2nd degree connection (to you), your friend can forward your message directly to your intended recipient.

To send a LinkedIn Get Introduced message through one of your 1st degree connections:

1) Locate the end recipient's profile.
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Click the triangle next to Send InMail and then select "Get introduced"

2) Click the triangle next to the Send Message button and select “Get Introduced” or click the "Get introduced " link on the lower right side of the person’s profile.

3) Select who (of your connections) should make the introduction from the pop-up box.

4) Craft your message … NOTE! This is where it gets tricky! Why? Because you want to do two things with your Get Introduced message: 1) Briefly ask your connection to forward the message and 2) Relay a direct message to the end recipient about why you want to be introduced. 

Too often, job seekers foul this part up by just talking to their friend (connection). Here is an example of a bad message:

how to send a LinkedIn Get Introduced message, LinkedIn Get Introduced message,
Rather than writing to your friend (connection), direct your message to the intended recipient.
Otherwise, your intended recipient could end up with the message you sent to your friend!

Here is an example of how to send a more effective message to your friend’s 1st degree connection (keeping in mind that the main message may be forwarded directly to your intended recipient).

Subject: Barry, Please introduce me to your connection, Rafael Augusto

Main Message: Rafael, We haven't had a chance to meet, but as mutual acquaintances of Barry Roberts, I wanted to reach out to you personally. I just applied for the [POSITION TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME], a position for which I am perfect due to my [BRIEF SUMMARY OF RELEVANT SKILLS/EXPERIENCE]. Do you have tips on how I can get my foot in the door there? [OR, if the person IS the hiring manager, write: I would love to speak with you about the position.] Do you have 5 to 10 minutes free that I could call you with a couple of questions? If so, let me know when would be best to call or feel free to call me at [PHONE NUMBER]. Thanks, NAME

Other “Get Introduced” Tips

  • People with free LinkedIn accounts can only send 5 Get Introduced messages per month. Compare account types for premium account options. Premium accounts also allow you to contact a non-connection directly (without an introduction) by sending an InMail.
  • Consider doing more than asking the person to speak by phone. Ask the person to coffee or lunch 
  • Once the person accepts your introduction, you can interact directly; however you won't become a 1st degree connection with him/her until you and the person elect to connect.
  • If you know someone's email address, you can send them an invitation to connect without having to get introduced through a connection, but be sure to customize the invitation to let them know why you want to connect. Inviting strangers to connect.
  • If your 1st degree connection is highly influential or knows the end recipient well, work the opportunity! Don’t just send him/her a Get Introduced message to be forwarded, ask him or her to call or write to the person on your behalf or see if you can set up a lunch with both your friend and the target person.  
  • Seek to reach the hiring manager rather than the company’s recruiter. Recruiters typically are not the decision maker and tend to resist attempts to circumvent their application process. How to find the hiring manager.

Even though Get Introduced messages can be confusing and tricky, they are worthwhile to use to get acquainted with the hiring manager or influential person at your target company.

Have you tried the Get Introduced feature on LinkedIn? Share your experiences, comments or questions via Contact tab. -- Kathy


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