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4 tips for landing a great job after 40

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In my training session, Landing a Great Job after 40, I share 40 action tips that can help you land a job even if you are aged 40, 50, 60 or beyond. 

Here are four tips:

Tip #5: Watch how-to videos on YouTube to build skills in areas where you are weak. For example, if you are not yet proficient in Excel but need to be, search for “how to use Excel for beginners” on the site and watch all the videos you can on the subject. Once you have improved your abilities, add your new proficiencies to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

watch YouTube videos to learn needed skills, learn skills on YouTube,
You can find helpful (and free!) YouTube videos on practically ever subject.

Tip #6: Make your own topical white papers to keep track of what you learn on every relevant subject. For example, if you are applying for fundraising jobs, keep white papers sorted by topic on new advances in fundraising, how to use online fundraising tools, etc. Shorten the information to the essential points and then review the document before interviews. You will be amazed by how much better prepared you will feel, plus you will have a ready answer to the tough interview question, “How are you keeping your knowledge up to date?” Learn more.

Tip #22: "De-age" your resume. Remove graduation dates and max your work history experience to 15 years unless it specifically relates to the open position.

Tip #28: Create a LinkedIn recommendation sheet. Copy/paste recommendations into a Word document and then format the page to look attractive. Attach the sheet to emails when you apply for jobs, bring it with you on interviews and upload it whenever online applications allow you to submit additional documents to prove your abilities. Learn more.

Take action to improve your job chances no matter what your age!  


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