Make your LinkedIn profile public so recruiters can find you

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Make sure recruiters can find you!
Want to make your entire LinkedIn profile viewable so hiring companies can easily find out about you when searching for qualified job candidates?

Making your profile public can also allow people to see your full profile on Google and other search engines. Here’s how:

To be more public on LinkedIn:

  • Log on to LinkedIn
  • Click the Edit Profile tab
  • Scroll to the Public Profile line (at the bottom of your top box). Click “Edit”
  • On the right hand navigation bar entitled Customize Your Public Profile, choose Make my public profile visible to everyone.

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Also use this section to make all aspects of your profile public. Choose to show your picture, headline, summary, current and past positions, skills, honors and awards, education, and additional information.

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You can also choose to show the “Interested In” section on your public profile. This section can let visitors know if you are interested in career opportunities. (Note: The default setting for “Interested In” – which you can adjust at the bottom of your Edit Profile page -- shows whether you interested in career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, and getting back in touch). TIP: Opt for all of the settings and if questioned by your current employer as to why your profile says you are interested in career opportunities, explain that that you simply selected the default settings.  

Note that you can also change your public profile address (url) on this same page. Learn how and why to change your url here.

Next time, I will talk about how to maximize all of your LinkedIn settings and where to find those setting options.

What comments or questions do you have about making your profile totally public? Share your thoughts on or on the LinkedIn discussion board that might have brought you to the blog.

Make your LinkedIn profile totally public! It can help youGet a Job! -- Kathy

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  1. A reader asked a great question about this topic on LinkedIn: How does making a profile public help? Are recruiters using Google searches to find candidates? Please explain. Here is how I responded:

    Recruiters search all different ways to find top candidates for the positions that they seek to fill including Google searches and heavy use of LinkedIn searching for people by job title, key words and location.

    Because LinkedIn only allows people to view people within their network (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections) or groups, millions of LinkedIn results are not seen (because they are not part of your network or any of your LinkedIn groups). By making your profile more public, recruiters can see your entire profile on LinkedIn if they search for you by name or if they search for people like you on the site using searches like "civil engineer, San Francisco".

    If you don't have your profile set fully on public, they may only see a portion of your profile and may not be able to see all of your background that could make you particularly qualified for the positions they seek to fill.

    It's important to have your profile fully public on Google and other search engines so that if you have applied for jobs, recruiters can check you out by name and find full information about you on your profile that can impress them enough to contact you.

    Make sense? Does anyone else have questions about this topic? -- Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy....thank you for the tip.


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