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10 speedy ways to ensure recruiters can find you on LinkedIn

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Recruiters often search for qualified job candidates on LinkedIn. 

Learn how they conduct such searches and how you can make sure they find you when they go looking on LinkedIn in this article:

How recruiters search on LinkedIn

Recruiters frequently use Advanced People Search and then sort by relevance to find top candidates in their target area. For example, they may type “Corporate Communications and then type a St. Louis zip code in the Postal Code box to find experienced corporate communicators in my city.

being found on LinkedIn, LinkedIn advanced people search, ensure recruiters can find you on LinkedIn,
Visit Advanced People Search, type your preferred title in the Title box and your zip code in Postal Code box.

Here are 10 steps to quickly move your listing higher in the results.

How to be found on LinkedIn

1) Type in your preferred job title(s) and city name into the Search People box and then sort by relevance. Note how high you come up in the results. If you don’t show up in the first few pages for your city, take the following steps to move your listing up in the results in no time!

2) Click your Profile tab and then Edit Profile. Click the “Edit” link next to your name. Make sure your headline (Professional “headline”) includes the job titles you want and are qualified to perform. If you are in an open job search, also state that you are job seeking. Example: Human Resources and Recruiting Director seeking new opportunity. NOTE: Use commas or the word “and” to separate job titles. Don’t use a plus sign (+) or slash (/) … those symbols could hurt your results!

3) Check to make sure your correct city is selected in the Location section. In the Industry section, try to select an industry that reflects the key word or words that a recruiter would use to find you. For example, my industry (Public relations and Communications) includes the word “Communications.”

4) Save changes and then scroll down your Edit Profile page. Click the “Edit” link next to the Current section. Make sure your title includes key words that recruiters might use to search for someone like you. Add key words into the Description section. Such key words are the words often used in the job descriptions you want. For example, to strengthen a Corporate Communications leadership claim, add sentences to the Description box that include key words like “corporate communications,” “publications,” “messaging,” “marketing,” “branding”, and “public relations.”   Click update.

5) Scroll to the Summary section and click “Edit”. Add relevant key words to the “Professional Experience and Goals”. Add a “Specialties” section to your Summary and list as many key words as possible. Save changes.

6) Add profile sections to add a whole host of options to your Linked profile including certifications, honors and awards, etc., that can help you a standout. 

The best part about adding these sections to your profile is that not only will they count toward your LinkedIn relevancy ranking, what you have added will also show up on your LinkedIn public profile, which recruiters can see if they type your name into the Google search box or other search engines.

To see what I mean, type “Kathy Bernard” into the Google search box and then click on my LinkedIn listing. Even if we are not connected … or even if you are not logged onto LinkedIn … you can see my skills and publications that are listed on my public profile.

views skills on public profile, views skills on Google,
Note skills and publications on my public profile as found on Google.com

6b) Bulk up your Skills & Endorsement section and ask your connections to endorse you for them. You can add up to 50 skills.

How to get LinkedIn endorsements
LinkedIn skills endorsements
Play up your skills endorsements

LinkedIn skills endorsement, LinkedIn skills and expertise endorsements,
Add Skills & Expertise and ask connections to endorse you for them.

7) Scroll to the “Experience” section of your Edit Profile page and click “Edit”. Add key words, as well as relevant duties and accomplishments that prove your qualifications in as many past positions as possible.

8) Scroll to the “Education” section and click “Edit” next to each school. Add into the “Additional Notes” section wording like, “Courses completed in XXX and YYY” that include your key words. Save changes.

9) Search for your job description and city again in the Search People box and sort by relevance. Did you come up higher in the results? If you are still too low in the results, keep tweaking your profile. You may need to wait a day or two for all of the improvements to improve your ranking.

10) Now try searching for certifications or proficiencies that make you a standout in your community. For example, type “PowerPoint Sacramento” or “Linux+ Toledo” into the “Search People” box. Do you come up high in the results for your standout abilities? If not, follow these steps again … adding such certifications and proficiencies throughout your profile … so that recruiters can easily find you whether they search by job description or your unique qualifications in your city. Remember to check your relevancy ranking regularly to make sure you haven't slipped down in the ratings. If you have slipped, take these steps again to pump up your LinkedIn presence.

Modify your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters! -- Kathy

What tips have you tried to improve your relevancy ranking on LinkedIn or what have you learned from this article? Share your comments! 


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