Share all the ways to land a job BESIDES applying online

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Applying online is just one way to
land a job. Can you name others?
I wrote a blog post once about all the ways I've landed a job and what you can learn from my experiences. Interestingly, I landed most of the jobs in other ways besides (or in addition to) applying online.

For example, I've landed jobs by ...
  • Contacting a friend of the family
  • Writing a letter campaign to all the ad agencies in town
  • Talking myself into a position over happy hour 
  • Responding to a newspaper ad
  • Reaching out to a former boss 
  • Working my LinkedIn connections 
  • Asking influential people to vouch for me
  • Sending an email to the hiring manager

How about you?
How have you landed past jobs? The ways that you've gotten jobs before could work for you again. Find a free "Learn from Past Jobs" chart on the Printable Resources page to help you track how you have landed your past jobs. Use the knowledge about your work history to help you ... Get a Job!

Please share ways you've landed jobs (or tried to land jobs) on a LinkedIn discussion board that may have brought you to this blog or by using the Contact Us tab so other job seekers can benefit from your experiences.

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