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Answers to your top job questions, like “Can I pursue a better offer even though I just started a job?”

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I often get asked these top five questions from job seekers. 

Here are the answers I give and why. 

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Top 5 Job Q and A’s

Q. Can I pursue a better offer even though I just started a new job?

A. At the risk of ticking off the hiring company that hired you, I say, “Definitely. Go for the better job.” If the job you accepted isn’t really right for you, pursue the job with greater potential.

And lest you feel too bad for the people who just hired you, remember that they will never be in a better position to replace you than when you first start. After all, they already know who their second choice would have been (from when they just hired you). Plus, they’d rather have you leave before they expend time, energy and money to train you for the position.

Q. How do I explain a black mark on my job record?

A. Are you finding it hard to explain why you were let go from a recent job? Take the advice of Robert Shindell, president of ILostMyJob.com, who tells people to figure out the appropriate response and then “Keep it brief, keep it honest and keep it moving.” I agree with Robert. If there is something particularly difficult for you to say about your past, write out your response, edit it ruthlessly until you have it short and sweet and practically memorized so that you can say it positively and easily whenever you are asked.

Here are more ways to overcome having been fired.

Q. How can I land a job in a different city?

A. The most important advice I tell people seeking to work in a different city is to either move there now or sound like you’re already there. Companies avoid taking a chance on out-of-towners because they fear you won’t end up moving after all, or that you will want them to pay for your relocation expenses. So if you are really serious about moving to a certain city either move there or establish a local mailing address. Also join local networking clubs and get acquainted with as many people as you can before you go.

Here are more ways to land a job in a different city.

Q. How do I negotiate a good salary after a low-paying job?

A. Did you take a lower paying job during the recession, or have you been toiling at a job that never did pay well? If a new company offers you a job based upon your current low salary, there are steps you can take to improve their offer. Here’s how.

Q. How can I be considered for a job in a different field?

A. If you are seeking jobs in a different field, do these three things:

1) Realize that you will have to work much harder than people currently in that field to convince companies you are a viable candidate.

2) Play up aspects of your past positions (in your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interviews, etc.) that relate to the new field and explain why your experiences and skills make you uniquely qualified for the position. In fact, seek to convince the hiring company that your diverse experience makes you even more qualified for the job than people who just worked in that field.

3) Learn required skills and improve weaknesses that could disqualify you from the position.

What questions do you have about job seeking? Ask! -- Kathy


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