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Revamping Your Career: A Guide


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Working in the same position for years can become monotonous and bring about the need for a change. If your job no longer feels fresh and exciting and you dread pulling up in the parking lot each day, it may be time for you to reconsider your career path. Here are five actions to help you launch yourself into a different vocation, courtesy of WiserU.

1. Know When It Is Time To Make a Change

Perhaps you started out in your profession full of passion and drive that has slowly fizzled out over time or maybe you were never crazy about it, but it was simply a means of paying bills. Whatever the reason, if you feel stuck in a rut, anxious at the thought of another day in the office, or ill-suited to your job, it is probably time to find a different one.

2. Determine What To Do Next

When you are young and have not yet begun your professional life it can be hard to truly know what you want to do for a career. After you have had some time in one or more vocations, you may have a better idea of what you are suited (or not suited) to do professionally. If you know you need a change but cannot figure out which path you would rather take, try a self-evaluation.

Think about your hobbies, interests, personality, values, and skills. Perhaps you have always loved one portion of your current job and could capitalize on that by turning it into a career. If you’d like help deciding which direction to go, contact WiserU for career coaching services!

It’s also an excellent time to examine your credit score. As you begin planning your career path, it’s important to look at your financial goals. If you eventually plan on purchasing a home, working on building your credit history and credit score will be helpful.

3. Make Yourself a Marketable Job Candidate

Trading in one career for another may sound dreamy but it will take hard work as you update your resume to make yourself a desirable candidate in a different industry. Since your resume is often the first impression of you a potential employer will get, it is important to make sure it adequately portrays your strengths and work experience. In addition, write a cover letter that details why you are making a shift in your vocation and how your personal or professional background has prepared you for the position you seek. 

Having a personal website is an excellent way to build and brand yourself through intentional content marketing. By having a website, you are able to give potential employers or clients an insight into who you are and what you have to offer. It's also a great way to show off your skills and experience and build trust with potential leads by providing evidence of the value that you can bring to their team.

A website gives you an opportunity to create detailed content that explains your qualifications, background information, projects you’ve worked on, client reviews, awards, etc. This extra effort helps put your best foot forward as it gives them more than just a resume when considering hiring you or doing business with you. Overall, a personal website offers flexibility in telling your story and representing yourself in the best possible light.

If you know anyone in the industry you want to enter, ask for their advice and whether they are willing to review your resume and cover letter. Perhaps there’s someone you graduated from high school with who has become noteworthy in their industry. Locate them through an alumni database online. You never know what will happen when you reconnect! And, if they’re willing, when you land an interview, request a few pointers on what leaders in your desired field like to hear.

4. Consider Starting Your Own Business

Through self-evaluation, you may conclude that you are meant to answer to no one but yourself and decide to launch your own enterprise. When taking this path be sure to look out for your personal financial interests and form a legal business.

Limited liability companies are a sound choice for many entrepreneurs because they offer benefits such as limited liability, tax advantages, minimal paperwork, and flexibility. Attorneys offer assistance with establishing LLCs, but if you want to avoid paying legal fees consider using an online formation service. Remember that each state has its own regulations for creating LLCs, so be sure to check the rules for starting an LLC in your state before you proceed with the process.

Find Your New Path

Whatever you decide to do as you move forward in your work life, proceed slowly to give yourself a fighting chance at breaking into a career that fulfills you. Jumping hastily into a new field could leave you as frustrated with your job as you are now.

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