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Tips for young women entering the workforce


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As a young woman entering the workforce, you may experience a combination of confidence in your abilities and a sense of panic about whether you will be able to succeed. This feeling is normal, so don't let it get you down. Check out tips on WiserUTips.com to help you land a great job you love and read on for ways to excel in your career.

Polish Your Resume

Your first step toward landing a job is to polish up your resume (Note: WiserUTips disagrees with the guidance in this article to save your resume as a pdf. Instead, save your resume by what the application system request). List your education and experience as well as any awards or honors. You might also include a list of special skills depending on the position you're applying for. Create a series of resumes, if applicable, to match a variety of jobs.

No matter what, though, your resume should be flawless. Have someone else proofread it for you to catch any errors. And keep it up to date so that you're always ready for opportunities.

WiserUTips resume guidance

Interview Well

Hopefully, your job applications and resume will impress potential employers to the point where they call you in for an interview. To be prepared, brush up on your interview skills. Visit online job sites for sample questions to get an idea of what to expect, and then prepare some answers. Practice with a friend or relative until you can speak smoothly and easily. Also, have questions of your own ready. Employers appreciate your show of interest and preparation. 

WiserUTips interviewing/salary negotiation guidance

Get More Education

As you get settled in the workforce, you'll have to turn your attention toward advancement. One of the best ways to do that and to break the glass ceiling that women still sometimes face as they strive for leadership roles is to go back to school. This allows you to build on your current skills and add new specializations and even advanced degrees. You could earn an online degree in accounting, for instance, to improve your financial skills or branch out into marketing or business ethics. You might even pursue an MBA.

Navigate Sexism

As a woman in the workforce, there are times when you may have to deal with sexism. Know your company's policies about this and the means to report it. Also, talk to some of the other women in your company, and ask for advice as needed. They'll be able to help you out by sharing their experiences. 

Start Your Own Business

Finally, think about starting your own business if you're an independent person who dislikes working for someone else. Find a niche that fits your skills and interests, and do market research to make sure there's demand in your area or online. Before you launch your company, draw up a business plan to keep yourself on track. Describe your business and its purpose, and include sections about products or services, marketing, sales procedures, structure, funding, and financial projections. Then launch your business with confidence. Look into online resources to ensure all your bases are covered; for example, you can learn how to start a new company here. Network with other women business owners who are often glad to share their business wisdom in exchange for yours.

Be Confident

Indeed, you should be confident as you enter the workforce. You have skills and talents, and you can prove yourself and succeed. Just follow these tips, and get ready to shine. Visit WiserUTips for more career-related pointers.


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