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Creating a strong resume according to ResumeBuilder

Your resume is the most important element of your job search. A great resume stands in for you and shows you at your best when you haven’t even gotten into the room for an interview yet, and it’s the main factor that opens the door to get you in that all-important room. Here are some benefits of creating the best resume.

Your resume speaks to the quality of your work. When you present a well-written resume, you send a message that you care about the fine details. You also present yourself as someone who handles communications well, something that’s valuable in jobs as varied as sales and tech support.

Your resume makes you look up-to-date. If the last time you wrote a resume was 10 years ago, you need to do more than just add your most recent employment information. For instance, did you know that, in many cases, the first reader of your resume will be a computer? Resume writing services stay on top of the most recent hiring trends, so they’re able to make sure that your resume leans into the latest expectations of hiring managers and job recruiters.

A professionally written resume will be properly structured and formatted. If you work with a professional resume writer, you can count on your resume looking professional. That’s important when hiring managers spend an average of less than 10 seconds looking at each resume. You don’t want to provide that speed-reading HR person any reason to set your resume aside — and an unprofessional format can be one of the key reasons that causes you to be overlooked.

Building a Resume with ResumeBuilder

ResumeBuilder's resume builder app guidese you to create a strong resume. Check out our resume examples as well as our resume resources. Our resume examples are designed to help you land the job that you want. In order to do this we:

  • We aggregate thousands of job postings everyday across all experience levels and industries
  • We also match up these job posting with winning resumes and LinkedIn profiles of all experience levels
  • We then use our robust machine learning algorithm to help us determine exactly what you should be putting on your resume
  • These resumes are then triple checked by our team of experts and hiring managers to check for accuracy

Combining these resources with our resume builder will help you make your resume not only has everything you need to have on your resume to land the job, but to also make your resume stand out!

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WiserU is not associated with ResumeBuilder. For a more nuanced, comprehensive resume that is customized for your specific needs, contact WiserU.com at info@wiseru.com.


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