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Five Ways to Keep Close to Customers on LinkedIn Despite the Covid19 Outbreak

Here are five easy ways to use LinkedIn to stay in touch with customers and prospects during the pandemic:

1) Follow target companies by visiting their company page and clicking “Follow”. This will ensure that their company news appears on your home page news feed.

2) Check your home page news feed daily to like, comment, and share customers' and prospects’ posts. Companies notice and appreciate positive comments shared with your network!

3) Invite decision-makers to connect by visiting a company’s LinkedIn page and then clicking “See all [NUMBER] employees on LinkedIn”. Click “All filters” to find key people by title. Click their name to invite them to connect from their profile so that you can add a non-salesy 300-character note to build the relationship.

4) Endorse three customers (who are your 1st-degree connections) per day for five of their skills by scrolling to their Skills section and clicking the plus sign next to each skill. Endorse them for five more skills each week thereafter until you have endorsed them for all 50 of their skills. This helps them score higher for what they do and helps you show up higher in LinkedIn search results!

5) Craft thoughtful written recommendations for customers who are your 1st-degree connections by visiting their profile, clicking “More” > “Recommend”. This effort will not only make their day but may encourage them to recommend you as well.

Strengthen your relationships on LinkedIn now to ensure customer loyalty for the long term! -- Kathy


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