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Baby Boomers are you too "superannuated" to hire?

I receive a daily word-of-the-day email and a recent featured word stopped me in my tracks. The word was superannuated, which means: 

1) Outdated, or obsolete
2) Too old to work; retired due to old age.

Yikes! That word can often sum up some Baby Boomers who have allowed themselves to become outdated, obsolete and too old to work before their time. (Hell, it may even describe me on occasion). 

Does superannuated describe you? Maybe … if you're doing the following:

  1. You haven’t kept up with the skills required for your job. If that’s the case, take necessary classes and practice what you’ve learned until you are proficient. Also, include your new abilities on your resume and LinkedIn profile and discuss them in your job interviews.
  2. You bark at IT phone support because you can’t get technology to work. Do you expect them to solve your problems even though a) the person can’t see your screen? b) You don’t explain what’s wrong calmly or clearly? and c) You don’t take into account that the problem could very well be “operator error”? Of course, the solution is to calmly and intelligently relay the problem you're encountering and to respect the people on the other end of the line.
  3. You insist on doing your work the way it has always been done instead of embracing new approaches. Not every new way is a better way, but aim to be receptive to change and quick to learn new processes.
  4. You resist working for younger managers and disparage their capabilities. I get it. Working for someone much younger than you can feel demoralizing, but times change, and you owe it to your boss to be the best employee that you can be, no matter the circumstance.

Don’t become antiquated before your time! Keep up with expectations and be a positive force in the work world. Doing so, will greatly improve your chances of getting and keeping a good job. -- Kathy

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