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Game-changer for your business: LinkedIn hashtags

try LinkedIn hashtags
Use the LinkedIn search box to find hashtags and then click Follow to see posts featuring that topic on your home page. Then use the same hashtags in your posts to attract prospects interested in that same topic! 

Want to get your message in front of interested prospects on LinkedIn? LinkedIn hashtags makes that possible on the world's largest business network. Hashtags are a word or phrase immediately preceded by a number sign (#) with no spaces between words. Examples: #healthcare or #unconsciousbias. 

By including hashtags in your LinkedIn posts, people interested in your topic will see your message on their LinkedIn home page news feed so that they can click to read your article or click your name or face to learn about you.

So, for example, if your post concerns using LinkedIn voice messaging for sales and marketing, add the hashtags #linkedin, #marketing, and #sales to attract prospects interested in those topics.

To find relevant hashtags to follow, type # plus a word or phrase (with no spaces after the # or between words) into the LinkedIn search box. Example: #brandawareness. Select a term from the drop-down list and then click “Follow”. Note that you may find (and can select) multiple variations for the same topic. For example: #talentshortages and #talentshortage, or #stlouis and #stl

Finding LinkedIn hashtags
Find and follow multiple hashtags under the My Network tab.

To find multiple hashtags related to your interests, visit the My Network tab and then scroll to the “More suggestions for you” section and select “Hashtags”.

You can include multiple hashtags in your posts, but some experts believe that three hashtags per post is optimum. Hootsuite's Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn Hashtags recommends using no more than five hashtags to prevent your post from looking spammy. 

Tagging People and Companies
To tag people or a company so that they will see your post, use an “@” symbol immediately followed by their name (with spaces between words). Examples: @Kathy Bernard or @WiserU. Select the person or company from the pop-up list to complete the tag. Limit tagging people who will benefit from the post or who will be pleased by the attention.

Try hashtags and tagging on LinkedIn to attract your prospects!

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