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6 resume tips for job hunters

Human resources managers often say that they skim resumes in just 10-20 seconds, so you have to attract them fast to catch their interest. They also say that horrible resumes are more plentiful than ever so people aren't getting the message. Use these resume tips to ensure your resume scores high for the jobs that you want.

1) ‘Skimmable’ information is essential

improving your resume
To ensure that your resume is skimmable, follow a logical order (including putting your work history in reverse chronological order) and use a font that is large, clear and easy to read. Use power words and bold  headings. Make the most important duties, accomplishments, and personality traits bold.

2) State accomplishments along with your work duties

In almost every field, the hiring manager will look for signs that youre helped their business solve problems and get things done. Show them that youre a fit for their role by highlighting accomplishments in each of your previous roles.

State the main duties that you performed, particularly list those that match the job descriptions for the jobs that you want. Weave in keywords that are often sought for the positions that you seek. For example, “Used expert Microsoft PowerPoint capabilities to create several successful sales presentations.”

3) Quantify your accomplishments and avoid jargon

To ensure recipients understand your past work successes, quantify your accomplishments using numbers, percentages, and revenue growth in your past experience entries. If you aren’t sure of exact numbers, use your best guess. If you personally didn’t do all of the work required to achieve the accomplishment, discuss the part that you did play. For example, “Led marketing for a $90,000 rebranding.” Or, “Played a major role in securing $1.25 million in funding.”

Don’t use jargon or abbreviations without explaining what you mean. The person reading the resume wont understand and confusing them could mean they dismiss a huge achievement.

4) Showcase voluntary work or learning

In almost every field, an applicant who is a self-starter and proactive with learning and personal growth will be an attractive candidate. Include relevant volunteer work or learning you’ve undertaken. Doing so shows employers that not only do you have key skills, but you took the initiative to learn them on your own.

Learning and volunteerism activities can be anything from helping a local charity or learning from an online educator like Cluey Learning or Lynda (also known as Linked Learning). HR teams like to see such continual learning in ideal candidates.

5) Sell yourself

It’s common to feel uncomfortable selling yourself in your resume. Push past the awkwardness and use business-friendly power verbs to get your message across. Instead of simply saying that you ‘worked’ in marketing, say that you ‘modernized’ the marketing department.

6) Be proud

The prouder that you sound in your resume, the more likely you are to show the hiring manager that youre the right person for the job. Showcase how great you were in previous roles and how your personality made you an effective leader. Also ensure that the employer knows that youre ready to change the workplace for the better.

Julie Melville
Include awards that you’ve won, things that you’ve accomplished and any public recognition that you may have achieved. Also, bold key aspects associated with these accomplishments.

The bottom line: Improve your resume and see instant improvement in your response rate for the jobs that you want! 

Julie Melville is a content writer at Cluey Learning
In her spare time, she is an avid reader and loves learning new skills. 


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