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How to find your dream job - 6 steps to success

land your dream job

Everyone experiences job dissatisfaction at some point. People often settle for the first job that comes along and are scared to leave for fear of the unknown. If you’ve decided to look for a better job, or are currently unemployed, then congratulations! You are on your way to better things! Here are my top tips for how to find your dream job. 

1) Determine your strengths 
Consider your strengths and what skills that you've gained throughout your job history. These skills will act as practical evidence to help you secure your dream job. Especially consider strengths that you possess but haven’t used in a while. For example, you might be a great leader, but your most recent job didn't allow you to exercise that skill or make use of the ability. Detail those skills, not only in your past job entries, but throughout your resume and LinkedIn profile, and be ready to talk about them in your interview conversations. 

2) Consider what you love doing 
It may sound simple, but how will you find your dream job if you don't first identify what you love doing? Write out all of the things that you enjoy. It doesn't matter how crazy or fantastical your career desires may sound. Jot them down and remember them. That way, when you're searching for jobs, you will know recognize an exciting role when it’s staring at you.

3) Figure out what opportunities exist 
You’ll never find your dream job unless you look at what opportunities exist. Here are a few of the best places to search for jobs. 

  • Gumtree Jobs: Explore vacancies from all over the world, not just ones local to you. 
  • LinkedIn: Spend time searching through people’s profiles and checking out their job descriptions to learn which positions might be right for you
  • Speak to people. Talk with friends, relatives, past colleagues, and whoever else will answer you. Ask them about not only their role but also what they like and dislike about their job and their company. 
  • Job boards: There are tons of job boards out there, all varying depending on the industry, field or location.  
  • Recruiters: Recruiters and staffing agencies deal with employment on a daily basis and can help match you to jobs that you might like. Learn to contact recruiters 

4) Research jobs and see which ones capture your heart. Don't dismiss an opportunity just because you lack the experience now or because it scares you about all that it could entail. Worry about that later. For now, gather as many jobs and as much information as possible so that you can narrow it down to a few great jobs of great interest. 

5) Fill in the skills gaps 
After studying a variety of jobs, you may notice that a lack of certain skills could be keeping you from getting your dream job. Don't fret. This is only temporary. Broaden your skill set by going back to school, undertaking a weekly class or volunteering for a short period to learn needed abilities. Yes, this extra work isn't ideal, but it is essential. After just a few months or a couple years of work, you will have the necessary skills to apply for your dream job and get accepted. 

6) Try something completely different 
The last tip? Try new things! If a role opens up that interests you, apply and give it your best effort. If it doesn't work out, no harm. Just keep learning from every opportunity. One way or another, you will stumble upon that dream job … I promise!

Jade Anderson, Upskilled
Guest post by Jade Anderson -- Thanks, Jade! Kathy

Jade Anderson is an experienced In-house Editor at Upskilled. With a background in online marketing, Jade has always had a love for the written word. She enjoys being able to combine these skills with her passion for the education industry.

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