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Crafting a resume in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Many experts believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will transform every aspect of our lives -- from improving productivity, to lowering costs, to revolutionizing the kind of work that we will do in the future.

So what is AI? According to the COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary, AI is a "computer technology concerned with making machines work in an intelligent way, similar to the way that the human mind works."

artificial intelligence definition

Already AI effects every part of our life. One application of AI already in use is employee recruitment and selection. Companies receive overwhelming amounts of job applications. Segregating these applications and finding suitable candidates is a herculean task that requires a great deal of manual work. Yet despite this labor intensity, the chances of errors and missing out on suitable applications are high. AI can help companies can select candidates precisely.

At the same time, AI should (blessedly) speed up the application process for job candidates, but first, you must build your resume to be AI friendly.

Tips to make your resume AI friendly:

1) Understand the automated hiring process: The AI-influenced, automated hiring process involves an underlying algorithm that uses bots to search for keywords within your resume to shortlist or reject your application based upon the job requirements. You must build a strong resume relevant to this algorithm to score high for the job. To impress these bots, include keywords and phrases relevant to the position by weaving them into your resume duties and accomplishments. For example, "Used Excel pivot tables to create annual budget spreadsheets."

2) Include company-relevant information: Ranking higher than your competitors is essential. To achieve this, understand that the AI algorithm’s scoring system varies from organization to organization. Organizations hire on the basis of the skills, experience, etc., that are most relevant to them. Explain within your resume how you honestly match the company's job requirements. When you meet their expectations, you rank high for their job openings.

3) Learn from recruiter chatbots: Online recruiter chatbots, according to ideal, use "AI technology such as natural-language processing to understand a person's messages and know how to respond."


Such recruiter chatbots, like Mya (explained in this TechEmergence article), can respond to questions and give tips and guidance to candidates. If a bot can't answer your questions, it directs your queries to human recruiters to clear up any confusion.These bots can be very helpful in understanding the job requirements so that you can improve your resume to match the job opening.

Tweaking your resume can get you a long way. In the age of AI, things are changing quickly, so it's essential to keep up with such ongoing tech trends.

Keep these points in mind to get your resume past the bots and to the human recruiter:
  • Mention acronyms and abbreviations included in the job description
  • Don't just change your cover letter, change your resume for each opening
  • Avoid fancy graphics which can make your resume unreadable
  • Create a standalone keyword section, but also weave keywords into your duties and accomplishments.
  • Add a large, bold headline near the top of your resume to match the job description as strongly and honestly as possible. For example: "Proven Human Resources Director with Significant Recruiting Experience" if that's what the position seeks.

Using these tips, will definitely gain you an edge in the era of automated hiring. Good luck!

Guest post by Adela Belin

Adela Belin is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers.


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