Find LinkedIn's hidden gems by clicking the WORK icon!

Have you ever clicked the WORK icon on LinkedIn's top menu? You should! There are several hidden gems that can help you in your job search. 

LinkedIn hidden tools

Here are just some of the tools that you can access from LinkedIn's Work icon:

 Click the Groups icon to:
  1. Visit the groups that you have already joined
  2. Read your current groups' news posts all in one place
  3. Discover new groups based upon your background and interests. NOTE: This function is rather weak. To find more relevant groups, click the magnifying glass in the search box at the top of any LinkedIn page to access advanced search functionality. Click Companies and type the type of group that you are interested in into the search box. Examples: "Social media", "Tulane University", or "Los Angeles".
Learn details about groups here
LinkedIn Groups home page
Click the Groups icon to access current groups, read group news, and discover new groups.


Click the ProFinder icon to find experts who can craft your resume or LinkedIn profile, coach your career, do your taxes, serve as your accountant, and so much more. 

NOTE: While I am a ProFinder for resume and LinkedIn profiles, career coaching, and interview coaching services, it's easier to just reach my company directly by emailing rather than by going through the ProFinder system.
ProFinder coaching services
The LinkedIn ProFinder icon can lead you to experts for the services that you need.

Click the SlideShare icon to prove your skills through presentations, infographics, documents, and more.You can post such items on SlideShare and then upload to your LinkedIn profile, or snag the link that the site creates to share on your resume.

SlideShare program


Click the Salary icon to learn the salary range for the job that you want. When you do search for a salary, LinkedIn promises to provide you with access to free salary ranges for a year if you provide it with your current or most recent salary. LinkedIn says that it will keep your salary private ... so revealing your salary is well worth it to learn the range for the jobs that you want. NOTE: Just because the site says a certain salary range is likely for a certain job, it may not be accurate. Use several salary sites to determine a likely range.


Two other useful sections under the WORK icon include:

  • Learning Solutions where you can access LinkedIn's Linked Learning ( courses for a fee (or as part of LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium. Through this portal, you can access more than 10,000 expert-led, online courses and video tutorials, which can prepare you for the jobs that you want. 
  • Create a Company Page which allows you to establish an official company page on LinkedIn for your business or consultancy. This can be especially effective to do if you want to make the gap period since your last position look more realistic and impressive. 

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