Answering "Why are you the best job candidate?"

Q: “Why are you the best job candidate? can be a tough question ... and one for which you must be ready!

My suggestion: Keep your answer brief and focused. Reiterate aspects of your schooling and work history, as well as your life, that make you uniquely qualified for the job.

Structure for your response:
“I am a RELEVANT TITLE with proven experience in X, Y and Z. My experience and background make me uniquely qualified to help COMPANY NAME achieve its objectives of A, B and C while staying within budget.”

Here's how that might play out in a real-life scenario:

“I was raised on a cattle ranch so farming is in my blood. I have a bachelor's degree in agriculture and have worked at two ag agencies, increasing sales by 25% at the first company and progressing to management in just two years at the second agency. I want to use all these experiences to help [COMPANY] excel as your Senior Manager of Agricultural Advertising.”

How do YOU answer, "Why are you the best job candidate?" Share your suggestions! Thanks, Kathy


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