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How to get LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements

Getting LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements can really help improve your job chances because they impress employers. So how can you get more?

First, make a list of LinkedIn connections who will be glad to recommend or endorse you. Don't ask people who don't know or like you enough to vouch for you (it's obnoxious) or who obviously don't "get" LinkedIn (your request will scare them).

Particularly ask people from your past jobs. Recommendations and endorsements don't have to be from bosses. They can be from clients, distributors, friends, etc. Aim to have at least two written recommendations from each company and at least 100 total skills endorsements.

For someone to recommend or endorse you on LinkedIn, they must be connected to you (a 1st degree connection). To enlist their help, send them a message like this:

[NAME], I'm seeking a [JOB TITLE] position in [CITY] and could really use your help. Can you please recommend and endorse me on LinkedIn? Here's how:
  • Log onto LinkedIn and visit my profile by typing my name into the search box
  • Click the triangle next to the "Send a message" button
  • Select "Recommend"
  • Complete the form and then click "Send" 
  • Endorse my skills on my profile by scrolling to the Skills section and clicking the gray + sign next to skills that you believe I possess. You can endorse as many or as few as you want. Once you click the gray + sign, it will turn blue, which means that you have endorsed me.
  • If you know of job opportunities that might be right for me, please let me know and let me know if I can help you, recommend you, or endorse you.  
I really appreciate your help! And please don't feel obligated, simply ignore my request if you prefer. I've attached my resume as a reminder to you of my background and abilities. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you and catch up! I can be reached at [phone number] or [email address]. Thank you so much! [YOUR NAME]


Recommendation Details
  • You will receive an email notification when you've been recommended, which you can review and ask for changes before accepting (but don't be annoying about it. After all, they're trying to help.)
  • To improve the chances that they will write a relevant recommendation, attach your resume, or include bullet points about the job you want and why you qualified for the position. 
  • People are more likely to recommend you if you write a recommendation for them first ... so recommend people using thoughtful details. 

Endorsement Details
  • You must have skills listed in your Skills section of your profile (you can list up to 50) for people to be able to endorse you for them.
  • You must have your skills endorsement settings set to "Yes" where it asks "I want to be endorsed".
  • You will usually receive an email notification when you've been endorsed. Simply approve the endorsement to have it added to your profile.
  • People are more likely to endorse you if you endorse them, so endorse them for skills that you know they possess. Doing so not only helps them show up higher in LinkedIn search results for what they do, it helps you show up higher, too!

Get and give LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements! It will not only help you in your job search, it will help you build lasting relationships with your LinkedIn network. 

If I've helped you, please recommend or endorse me on LinkedIn or send a message via the Contact page. I appreciate it! Thanks, Kathy


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