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How to improve your odds when applying for jobs online

Ever feel like you're sending your resume into a pit of no return when you apply for a job online? If you aren't setting up your resume correctly or aren't using the right words, that very well could be the case. 

Watch the intro video about Applying for Positions
That's because more than 75% of job applications are rejected because of improper formatting (such as using a font that isn't readable by the system or using unusual bullets), or because they used a generic resume instead of matching the job description as closely as possible. 

Online job applications are VERY tricky, but there is a way to master them to improve your chances of getting an interview dramatically. 

That's what I teach in Module 2 of the WiserU Career System when I talk about EXACTLY how to apply online -- step by step.  Watch the video to learn what I mean. 

Online job applications are a necessary evil, but you can learn to make the most of them in your job search. Check out the WiserU Career System to learn more.


About the WiserU Career System
The groundbreaking WiserU Career System, a web-based system created by WiserU's Kathy Bernard consisting of progressive video tutorials, action guides, templates, and a community forum, will train you exactly what to do and say to improve your job chances. 

WiserU college career system
The WiserU Career System

It will not only reveal to you what you want to do, it will also teach you how to:

  • Articulate what you want and why you're the best job candidate
  • Apply for jobs on employer sites, which reject up to 95% of applications because they don't match the job or are improperly formatted
  • Transform your resume to score extremely high for positions
  • Create cover letters, emails and samples that get results
  • Develop a strong LinkedIn profile to increase your chances dramatically
  • Enlist recruiters to get the inside track on opportunities
  • Network your way into contention
  • Interview with confidence
  • Negotiate salary to overcome objections and get more money 
  • Excel on the job -- which is essential for your career success 

If you are a recent college graduate, a miserably employed young adult (or know someone who is), learn more about the WiserU Career System and get started today at WiserU.com/career-system

Proceed through the system at your own pace -- watch the videos ... study the action guides ... complete the resume and LinkedIn profile templates ... and get expert help through the community forum. Get started today and transform your career!  Questions? Contact Sue Lopez at 847-606-5160 or susan@wiseru.com

View these videos to learn about each module:

Seasoned job seeker? While the WiserU Career System is for recent graduates, the guidance provided is rock solid whether you are just getting started or are already well-established. Either way, the WiserU Career System can help you land a better, higher paying position.

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