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Top 10 reasons why job seekers hate applying online

I asked job seekers what they thought of online job sites (aka applicant tracking systems). They had a LOT to say.

The overriding theme of their responses? They HATE them. Here are their top 10 reasons why. Do you agree? 

10) Requiring me to remember your convoluted password is annoying. "Really? You expect me to remember your computer-generated password made up of special characters? Let me pick my own."

9) Your online form doesn’t allow me to answer accurately. “Not all people fit into your cookie cutter answer options.”

8) You demand information that I cannot possibly remember. "Do you really think I recall the exact day that I graduated from elementary school? Come on!”

7) Your system is RIDICULOUSLY labor intensive. "Why do you have me upload my resume and then ask me to type the exact same information into your forms?"

6) Your lack of response to my submission is appalling. "I spend HOURS completing your form and then you don't even have the decency to notify me that I have been rejected? What's up with that?"

5) Your system takes the human element out of recruiting. "You are missing great candidates by focusing purely on your flawed application data."

4) Your system is broken! "It wouldn't allow me to apply (or even notify you of the problem), so I gave up. Your loss."

3) Asking me for my birth date is invasive. "It gives you carte blanche to discriminate against me due to my age."

2) Requiring that I type an exact salary requirement into a box is insulting. "Picking the lowest bidder is a ridiculous way to fill a position. You will get what you deserve."

And the number one biggest complaint? …

1) Requiring my social security number on your online form is dangerous and should be outlawed! "Said one succinct job seeker, “Asking me to give up my privacy rights before [you've extended me] an offer? Bite me!"

Hopefully human resources professionals will take these job seekers' comments to heart and make their application tracking systems better.

What do YOU think of applicant tracking systems? Share your thoughts! 

Applying online is a necessary evil! Visit the WiserU's Job Tips by Topic page to learn how to apply for jobs more successfully.


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