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Tips to help teens land their first job

teen employment, first jobThere are many reasons why teens and college students should get a part-time job. In addition to providing them with a source of income other than their parents’ wallets, jobs can give your children confidence and can teach them a lot about responsibility, being dependable, and working with others.

Here are ways to help teens land their first job:

Help narrow goals

Before your teen starts applying for a job, sit down with him and talk about why he wants to work in the first place. Is he looking for a way to earn extra spending money? Is he hoping to get work experience in an industry that interests him? 

Determining ahead of time what your teen hopes to get out of the job will help him narrow down his application choices.

Keep in mind that teens will need to develop at least a basic resume to submit to employers. Learn about how to create an effective resume here.

Suggest places to look

You can help spread the word about your teen’s employment aspirations by letting friends, coworkers and relatives know she is available to work. Good old-fashioned networking can help teens get hired at all sorts of positions, and chances are good you might get an inside scoop on a job that hasn't been advertised yet. Suggest sources that your teen can check out for job leads, such as Craigslist. Also remind her to keep her eyes peeled for “Help Wanted” signs in windows and suggest that she peruse the classified ads in community newspapers. HireTeen.com may also be a good resource.

landing a first job
Prepare for the interview

Once your teen has applied for a few jobs and is starting to get phone calls asking him to come in for an interview, help get him ready. 

Remind your teen that it’s important to do research about the company and the position, and offer advice on what outfit would be appropriate to wear. 

To prepare your teen on what he might be asked during the interview, BioSpace features 31 common interview questions. Read through them together and have your teen practice answering the questions.

teen driving
Safe driving

Once your teen is hired for her first job, chances are good she’ll be driving herself to and from work at least part of the time. Help her prepare for this road to independence by talking about the importance of having a clean driving record and being safe. Even though you are proud of the way she conducts herself behind the wheel, encourage her to spend time refreshing her knowledge of the rules of the road occasionally.

Talk about money

A first job is a great opportunity to teach your teen about saving money. Granted, he might already have a savings account that you and/or grandparents use to deposit funds for college and future expenses, but this is prime time to start a second account that your teen can manage on his own. Talk about the importance of setting aside a percentage of each paycheck for future goals like a car, as well as another percentage for other more immediate purchases like new clothes for work, a new laptop or smart phone.

The bottom line: You can play a major role in helping your teen or college student get their start in the work world and that experience can lead to future positions, a realization of their career calling and increased maturity. Start now to encourage your child to apply for positions.

Guest post by Social Monsters.



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