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10 ways to land a job BESIDES applying online

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I asked job seekers how they landed jobs in ways other than (or in addition to) applying online. 

Here are 10 ways they landed positions, plus their comments about why their ideas worked. 

Consider how their tips can help youGet a Job!

10. Find a job in the newspaper/apply in person. James S. of St. Louis says, “I saw an ad in the newspaper and then I hand-carried my resume to them and chatted with the admin assistant.

Eventually I got an interview and a firm job offer. So ... no Internet, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter … just good old fashioned tactics ultimately paid off for me.”

NOTE: Be warned: Some companies don’t like hand-delivered resumes (one recruiter went so far to say that he thought hand delivered resumes were “creepy,”) but it might be a worthwhile effort to try for certain organizations, particularly retail or where there is a friendly receptionist in the lobby.

9. Send a mass email or LinkedIn InMail message followed by a phone call. Lisa S. from San Francisco says that this tactic “is cold calling, but by sending the letter first, it makes the process easier.” Duane D. of Milwaukee, Wis. has taken a similar approach using LinkedIn InMail messages to let his network know how his job search efforts are going and how he can use their help in connecting to target companies.

NOTE: If you send a mass email, either put all recipients’ email addresses in the blind CC box (BCC), or send each person a separate message so recipients won’t see all the other people listed. Likewise with LinkedIn, unclick the default button that says, "Allow recipients to see each other's names and email addresses" to keep the whole list of recipients from appearing to each person. 

Also make it easy for people with short attention spans to send you job leads -- include the exact job titles that you seek AND your contact information every time you reach out to your network.

8. Stand out through samples and creative application submissions. “I've hand-stitched small books promoting myself and hand delivered them. I've also created concept-based self promotions that can be wrapped in personally designed wrapping paper and shipped it to them in the mail. Everyone loves opening a gift,” says Adam, an art director from Salt Lake City

7. Reach out to people who you’ve helped. “I've reconnected with people who I've met and helped during their job search who are now employed. They are most likely willing to help to return the favor,” says Sandra C. of Boston, Mass.

6. Intern / serve as a temporary employee. Mary H. of Huntsville, Ala. was able to catapult her way into a full-time position by first working as a temporary employee. “Become so essential on the job that the company won’t be able to envision hiring anybody else but you,” she said.

5. Get acquainted with people in LinkedIn discussion groups. “When I started using LinkedIn, I was and still am, awkward when it comes to networking. But if you just start reaching out to people, they really are willing to help. Comment on something they have posted and then work up to making a connection,” says James D. of St. Louis.

4. Go to networking meetings. “They are educational, supportive, and energizing, and they will cover the many ways to conduct an effective job search in these trying economic times,” notes James B. of Tallahassee, Fla. Plus, you can often meet people at these meetings who can be instrumental in recommending you for positions at their company.

3. LinkedIn connections. Terri M. of Salt Lake City, Utah, says, “I landed my current position through networking on LinkedIn. I contacted numerous HR employees at target companies. One of my contacts recommended that I contact my [now] boss. I arranged a meeting with him. Three months later his company contacted me and offered me a position. This position was not posted. If I had not reached out to a connection, I would never have been a candidate for this opportunity.”

2. Recommendations from others. “I have had parents of former students recommend me for positions. Now that's a vote of confidence!” says former teacher and now corporate employee Pamela F. of Akron, Ohio.

1. Networking. Frank A. of Los Angeles says, “I did a mind map on what tools over 400 job seekers and over 100 employers were using to find each other. Networking was the number one answer on both sides."

Wanda of Washington, D.C. concurs. “I landed jobs through dinner parties and conferences. The infamous question, ‘What kind of work do you do?’ by a dinner guest seated next to me got my foot into the federal government despite a hiring freeze. Attending conferences has led to my acquiring overseas positions, which never would have happened if I hadn't met the right people at professional conferences.”

Marshall Karp, a career coach in Canton, Ohio, may have the ultimate correct answer for outmaneuvering the online application system: “Try different things. Apply online, but you better also be doing networking, warm calling, cold calling, and going to former schools' career centers.”

So how have you landed positions other than applying online?

Share your ideas! Learn how I've landed jobs here.  -- Kathy


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