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15 ways to land your dream job

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Struggling to secure the job that you’ve got your heart set on? 

In this tough economic climate, finding meaningful work that you’ll love can be difficult. It’s not impossible though, if you learn how to stand out.

Let’s look at 15 awesome ways to land your dream career:

1) Volunteer for a cause close to your heart -- Volunteering has countless benefits, so it should feature highly on your list. The opportunity to gain valuable experience while making a difference to a charity can be extremely rewarding, and it can open doors for paid roles. It’ll also look great on your resume (CV).

2) Apply for internships -- Even if you have your heart set on permanent work, don’t rule out an internship. It’s a good way to get relevant experience and impress decision makers. Some companies will pay; others won’t, so make sure that you know upfront what the deal will be.

3) Get headhunted on LinkedIn -- LinkedIn is used frequently by headhunters searching for people with skills just like yours. To impress them, make sure that your profile is complete and you’ve included a professional photograph. Also join groups to network with those in your industry.

4) Create a video resume -- Recruiters are inundated with hundreds of CVs for every position, so it can be difficult to stand out. An unusual yet exciting tool is a video CV. You can show off more of your personality and ensure that you effectively sell your skills.

5) Freelance in your chosen field -- Freelancing can help you build a portfolio of your work when you can’t find a job with an established business. Not only will you show just how enterprising you are, you’ll also pick up skills such as selling, managing accounts and prioritizing workloads. The extra cash will undoubtedly come in handy while you continue your job search.

6) Start a blog about your area of expertise -- If you haven’t already got a blog, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to impress employers. It showcases your writing skills, industry knowledge, and ability to stick with something you’ve started. Using Wordpress, you could be set up and ready to go in less than an hour.

7) Make connections in the real world -- It’s tempting to hide behind your computer when job seeking, but don’t neglect the real world aspect of looking for work. Seek out local networking groups or pick up the phone and contact influential people. You’ll be surprised at how few people take this approach.

8) Think outside the box -- If you haven’t been handed your dream job, pursue other routes. Trainee jobs can easily turn into higher-level jobs if you put in the effort.

9) Consider relocating -- Most of us automatically look for local jobs, but if you don’t have in-town ties, consider relocating. A new city or country can be exciting and will certainly put you out of your comfort zone. Don’t rule it out without careful thought.

10) Build a web site to showcase your skills -- Knowledge and understanding of the web is essential in almost every job, so proving that you have skills in this area could be highly beneficial. It’s easier than you might think to start your own site, and it can really impress a recruiter.

11) Take up a new hobby to boost your skills -- Every little selling point counts, so why not kill two birds with one stone by signing up for an evening class about something you’ve always wanted to learn? A new language is often valuable.

12) Tweet your way to the top -- Join Twitter and follow influential figures in your industry and build a relationship with them. Doing so is an easy and accessible way to get noticed.

13) Reach out and tell potential employers about your skills -- If your dream job isn’t being advertised, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have it. Reach out to employers with a speculative application. It shows initiative, and you never know what could result.

14) Show your current employer what you’re made of -- Getting your dream job doesn’t always mean leaving your current employer. Work hard and make it known that you have ambition and a willingness to take on more responsibility. Doing so can be easier than moving onto pastures elsewhere.

15) Attend careers fairs -- If your city hosts career fairs, attend as a way to make contacts and leave an impression with those who matter.

What ways have you found to impress recruiters? We’d love to hear your stories.

Ruth Hinds, allthetopbananas.com
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