How to make changes on LinkedIn without alerting your contacts

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Have you tried to stealthily tweak something on your LinkedIn profile … like a job title … only to have the update unexpectedly sent to all of your connections? I hate when that happens! 

To keep that from occurring can be a tricky two-step process. I’ll show you how to ensure such accidental messages don't get sent in a minute, but first let me explain what profile changes trigger an update to your connections (unless you take action to prevent them).

Changes that trigger updates (activity broadcasts)

  • Adding a new current job position (or tweaking an existing job title)
  • Adding a new current school (or tweaking the school name or degree)
  • Adding a new link to a website
  • Recommending someone
  • Following a company
  • Adding a connection

 Changes that generate an update that you CAN'T turn off

  • Joining a group
  • Updating your photo

Changes that DON’T generate an update (so feel free to change them)

  • Typically changes made within the text box part of a section do not generate an update so feel free to tweak your Summary section, your job duties listed within your Experience section, your interests, text within your Education section text boxes, etc. Your network will not be notified of such changes although they can see them if they visit your profile.

OK, now lets talk about the two-step process to ensure edits to your profile don't show up as accidental updates sent to your connections.

1) Turn off your activity broadcasts

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To access settings, click the triangle next to your name in the
upper right corner of your profile.

Go to Settings (found by clicking the triangle next to your name in the upper right hand corner of your profile). You will need to re-enter your password information to access the page.

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Find Privacy Controls under your Settings.

Under the Privacy Controls settings, click Turn on/off your activity broadcasts link and then un-check the box. This action will temporarily prevent LinkedIn from issuing an update when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies; however, when you re-check the box, an update(s) may be issued (unfortunately sometimes hours after you’ve made the change). 

UPDATE: You can turn on/off your activities broadcast from your Edit profile page. Look for the toggle switch on the right side of your Edit Profile page. Turn it to the off position while you are making changes that you don't want the world to know.

2) Because simply turning on your activity broadcasts may generate an update, you may need to manually remove an update sent to your network. Here's how ... 

  • Go to your View Profile page
  • Scroll through your updates to find the one you want to remove.  
  • Hover over the update until the word “Delete” appears in the upper right hand corner. 
  • Click the Delete link. This will remove it from your network’s view as well as from the list of your updates on your View Profile page.

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To delete an update from your network's activity feed, hover over the update
until "Delete" appears. Click the link to remove the update.

You can also limit who can see your activity broadcasts by clicking the Select who can see your activity feed link in Settings. Choose to allow “Only you” when making changes you don’t want people to see. Change this setting to be more public afterwards so that it appears that you are active on LinkedIn.

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Select "Only you" who can see your activity feed when making modifications to your profile.

If despite your best efforts, an update goes out and people see and comment about it, try these tips:

  • Delete the update (as explained above)
  • Thank the person for noticing the update, but explain you were just making profile modifications
  • Recognize social media messaging is fleeting and that your network has likely already moved on to somebody else’s news and forgotten your errant update.

What questions or comments do you have about status updates and what can go wrong when you edit your profile? Share them on or on the LinkedIn discussion board that might have brought you to the blog.

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