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How to delete a LinkedIn connection (and when you should!)

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Keep the right connections and lose
the poisonous ones.
Have you ever wished you could disconnect with certain people on LinkedIn?

You can! And you occasionally should disconnect with people if you are:

  • Conducting a stealth job search while employed and are connected to bosses and coworkers who might question why you have pumped up your profile
  • Connected to a spammer, or an annoying, dangerous or hateful person

To delete a connection:
  • Log on to LinkedIn
  • Click on the My Network tab
  • Select Connections
  • Sort the list by recently added, first name or last name
  • Click the three dots next to the names of people you wish to remove
  • Click the Remove Connections box
  • Click the Yes, Remove Them box to confirm the deletions

The people you disconnect with are NOT informed that they are no longer connected with you; however they may see you in the “People You May Know” box occasionally as person with whom they may wish to connect. If that happens, they may re-invite you to connect and comment to you that they thought you were already connected with them. In that scenario, simply express surprise and then either elect to re-connect with them or click the Ignore link to ignore their invitation request.

When NOT to disconnect with people:
Don’t disconnect with people just because you landed a job. If this rotten economy has taught us anything, we can all benefit from having an extensive network in case we need help again one day.

And speaking of LinkedIn connections … Feel free to invite me to connect if I can be of help to you. I will accept and you can ask me questions there.


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  1. LinkedIn is helpful as long as you take advantage of a GOOD network!


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