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How to ask the RIGHT questions in job interviews

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Learn to ask the right questions
at job interviews.
Successful job seekers ask smart questions that not only impress the interviewer, but get the company representative to reveal more information about the company and the open position.

How to ask the right job interview questions

By asking the interviewer about the company's needs, problems and challenges, you may discover problems that the company doesn’t even realize it has. When you can voice such revelations, you show the interviewer that you not only understand its business and challenges, but that you are the best person to solve its problems.

Savvy question strategies
Ask open-ended questions about the company or department that can’t be answered by a yes or no and that force the speaker to talk about a subject.

CLOSED questions can be answered by yes or no and often begin with are, did, do, would, can, is, does, or which.

OPEN questions begin with who, at what time, what, tell me about, when, in what way, where, in which way, why, describe, how, or to what extent.

Sample probing questions
Here are examples of strong, open-ended questions to ask interviewers. Select 10 and bring them with you to your interviews. TIP: Ask the interviewer if you can take notes. Place the sheet in the left pocket of a pocket folder and use a sheet of paper in the right pocket to take notes. That way you can easily (and stealthily) view your questions.

  1. What areas of the company do you believe offer the greatest opportunity for growth?
  2. How has the growth of your company made it difficult to complete tasks?
  3. What is your current rate of turnover in this department?
  4. To what extent has the rate of employee turnover caused problems for you?
  5. How well do you feel your company is meeting customer needs?
  6. What issues are you currently facing with staff productivity?
  7. What are ] services you’d like to offer customers, but can’t right now?
  8. How do you collect information on quality control efforts?
  9. What programs or services are not cost-effective? Why?
  10. What would you like to see employees do differently to save money and improve profits?
  11. How do you stay current on new developments in the field?
  12. How do the results of this department affect the rest of the company?
  13. What are the company’s most difficult, current projects?
  14. How does your company compare to that of your competitors?
  15. What are your goals for the future of the company?
  16. How well do your current employees work together?
  17. What types of problems/situations give the company the most trouble?
  18. What would be the most difficult problem I would face if you offered me this job?
  19. Tell me about the last time the company had to choose between producing a quality service and meeting a deadline.
  20. Tell me about a project where the company had to overcome major obstacles to get it completed.
  21. What types of situations cause your employees the greatest amount of stress?
Guest post by Lynn Avery, executive interviewing expert. Thanks, Lynn!

What other questions do you ask in interviews? Share your questions and the reasons why you ask them via the Contact tab.

Ask smart questions at job interviews … it can help you land a job or a better one!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, now i have the idea on what to expect during an interview... I also came across career confidential it also gave me a lot of ideas on what to expect during an interview.

  2. Kish18, I'm glad you found the article helpful! There are so many aspects of interviewing well ... it's good to learn as much as you can so you feel as confident as possible going into the meeting with the hiring company.

  3. Thanks for all those question suggestions!


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