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Does your email address say you are old or ready to party?

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email address.
Could your email address be keeping you from getting a job? 

It could be if you are relaying information you hadn't intended. See if you can spot what I am talking about in these examples:


Here's why such email address are trouble and what you can do about it:

Those who use email addresses like Twinky8baller@blank.com and Iwanttobeoutdoors@blank.com will likely have a hard time being considered for an office job because their email addresses scream that they would rather be playing pool or playing outside.

With Juliebrown59@blank.com, the “59” in the email address could tell hiring managers that Julie is 59 years old, or that she was born in 1959, or that she graduated from high school in 1959. Regardless of what the 59 really means, Julie is “leading with her chin” and telegraphing her age before she ever gets to show a company how perfect she is for the job. Including such a number could also hurt young job seekers' hiring chances.

If you need to make your email address longer than just your name, consider adding your field or brand identity instead of a number. For example, make it edwarddailey.engineer@yahoo.com or beth.topseller@att.net.

What about your email address?
Think about the email address you use for your job search. Does it reflect you in a positive, professional light? If not, consider a new email address for your job search. Often, if you start a new account with the same email service, you can have emails sent to your old account routed to your new account so you won't miss messages.

When you change your email address, let everyone know … or they could send leads to a wrong address and you won’t know! Include your new email address in your email signature to prevent confusion.

Rethink your email address …doing so could you land a job or a better one!

What do you think? 
Share your pet peeves or suggestions about email addresses! -- Thanks! Kathy


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  1. Yeah they told us this stuff once we get to college, it's important to out grow your email address.


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