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Nailing the job interview and 10 truths to remember on the dark days of unemployment

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You can nail your job interviews!
Let's focus on what to do in an actual interview. 

But first, 10 truths to tell yourself when prolonged unemployment gets you down:


  1. Just because you lost your last job doesn’t mean you won’t get a job.
  2. Just because you had a bad boss doesn't mean the next one will be bad.
  3. Being let go doesn’t necessarily mean you were a bad employee.
  4. Just because you are weak in certain areas doesn’t mean you must stay weak. You can improve if you put your mind to it and work hard.
  5. Just because you didn’t get hired for one job doesn’t mean you weren't qualified or that you won’t get an even better one.
  6. Just because the phone didn’t ring this week doesn’t mean it won’t ring next week.
  7. No job is perfect … not the last one you had … not the one you really wanted (but didn’t get), and certainly not the one you will eventually land.
  8. People who care about you don’t judge you for being unemployed. They want you to be happy.
  9. You are not your position. You are so much more than a title and can accomplish substantially more than is written on a job description.
  10. There is a good job out there for you. Keep trying. Keep praying and believe in yourself.

And now … nailing the interview …

What to DO ...
• Review and complete the interview preparation checklist.
• Bring your completed application form checklist in case you need to fill out an application form on site.
• Be prepared to provide complete information about your references.
• Be confident and calm. Remember you’re also determining if the company is right for you.
• Greet the interviewer by name with a smile and a firm (dry!) handshake.
• Jot interviewers' names down on a note pad so you will remember them.
• Make frequent eye contact (or look at the interviewer’s forehead).
• Listen carefully and then think before responding.
• Don’t interrupt. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand a question.
• Answer questions clearly and succinctly. If you are over-explaining or are off topic, stop talking!
• Be enthusiastic and positive. Keep your energy level up no matter what.
• Show interest in the interviewer.
• Have brief, positive answers prepared for:
- Why you left your last company
- Why you have gaps in your resume or the appearance of too many jobs
- Why you want to work for the company
- Your salary expectations – Negotiating a fair salary | How to handle salary requirements
• Share specifically how your past experience has made you uniquely qualified for the position.
• If asked about your greatest weakness, end positively. For example, say, “I am not as good at math as I would like, which is why I always use a calculator and double check my work.”
• Ask questions such as:
- What do you enjoy about the company?
- Who does the position report to?
- Are there advancement and training opportunities?
- When will you be making the hiring decision?
- When do you hope to have the new person on board?
• At the end of the interview, ask for the position. Reiterate how interested, qualified and enthusiastic you are about the job and company.
• Ask for the interviewer’s business card so you can follow up.
• Ask when you can expect to hear from them and if you should contact them.
• Shake each interviewers hand and thank them, calling them by name.
• Send a thank you letter or e-mail to all interviewers within two days of the interview.
• Review your performance and determine how you will perfect you efforts for future interviews.

What not to do … DON’T …

  • Bad mouth your current or past companies, bosses, or job duties.
  • Ask about benefits or pay until the job offer has been made (or the interviewer brings it up).
  • Slouch … it can make you appear disinterested.
  • Fidget … lest you appear too high strung.

What suggestions do you have about interviewing ... or what truths can you share with job seekers going through dark days? Share you thoughts!


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