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Job seeker: Don’t accept your weaknesses … fix them!

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Fix your weaknesses that are keeping
you from the jobs you want.
If the same lack of experience is repeatedly keeping you from being eligible for positions you really want, take active steps to get the knowledge or experience you need to be a viable candidate.

Review your skills and deficiencies and then create an action plan to become strong in all key areas. 

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that many deficiencies can be improved through free or low cost means that don’t require having to learn them in an actual job situation.

For example, if you need to beef up your understanding of Microsoft Office Suite products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:

  • Take free classes at your local library or low-cost classes at a community college.
  • Research the programs online.
  • Take the online tutorials and review the help section within each application.
  • Watch instructional videos on You Tube.
  • Ask a knowledgeable friend to show you the basics.
  • Most importantly, create PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, etc. using the skills that you have learned.
  • Show potential employers these documents as proof of your abilities.
  • Add your new abilities into your resume and cover letter.

Other ways to improve your knowledge and experience:

  • Sign up for free webinars.
  • Take an expert for coffee or lunch and pick their brain.
  • Shadow a person on the job.
  • Volunteer to help a local charity using the skills that you need to build.

It's not OK to wallow in your weaknesses! 
Strengthen your abilities right now, while you are unemployed … after all, such efforts could help you land a job that you will love!

How do you improve your abilities to make you a more viable job candidate? Share add your comments! -- Kathy


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