Sample questions for 9 employment personality tests

pre-employment personality tests

Companies are increasingly using pre-employment tests, including personality assessment tests, to assess their job applicants. While personality tests are popular with employers, job seekers worry that tricky test questions could ruin their chances of getting hired. Such worried job seekers may have a point.

Personality tests, according to PSI (an assessment test provider), “while generally accurate, are not usually recommended or legal for pre-hiring assessments.” Why? Because as PSI explains, “Most employment laws demand that only skills that can be proven to be requirements for success in a position may be tested.”  In other words, how applicants answer personality test questions may not be a legitimate reason not to hire them.

So what do you do if you are faced with a pre-employment personality test? Well, you can make the employer aware that the test may not be legal, but if you don’t want to get a pissing match with the company:

How to handle salary requests on online job applications

You CAN learn to negotiate
salary effectively!
Many potential employers will ask you to include your salary requirement when you apply for an open position. In fact, some online job sites require that you put a numeric amount in a required box.  (I hate that!)

So how do you handle the dreaded salary box on online job application sites? You have several options, most of which have risks. 

Here is my advice:

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How to include early jobs on your resume (and whether you should)

Should you list jobs on your resume that you had very early in your career? Well, maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on your age, number of years since you started working in career-level jobs, and what kind of new position that you really want.

maybe yes, maybe no listing early jobs on resume

Here is how to decide whether to include your early experience or not:


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