Most sought-after jobs in Missouri

Missouri employment statistics
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Missourians, the Missouri Real Time Labor Market Summary can help you discover the most sought-after jobs in the state. It also breaks down which jobs are most needed if you have no training (NOW Occupations), a little training (NEXT Occupations), and extended training / education (LATER Occupations).

I've highlighted two occupations (Software Developers and Web Developers) because I direct career training at Claim Academy, a coding boot camp that trains people to be industry-ready Java or .NET C# developers in just 12 weeks at it's St. Louis campus. It has a 95% placement rate getting its grads into coding jobs making on average $58,000 to start (seriously!)

Amazingly Missourians who are approved can attend Claim Academy for free if they are U.S. veterans, are unemployed or underemployed through a St. Louis County Workforce Development grant even if you don't live in St. Louis County. To learn how, visit the St. Louis County job site and click the Dislocated Worker link. Scholarships and financial aid are available for those who don't qualify.

To get started with the whole process, apply for free to Claim Academy first and then contact St. Louis County.

Visit Claim Academy to learn more. 

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