How to send mass LinkedIn In-Mail messages to select contacts

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Send a mass LinkedIn InMessages to reach 
hundreds of connections with your 
request for help at the same time .
LinkedIn can be amazingly helpful for job seekers … it can connect you with good jobs and to people who can help you land positions in target companies. But, due to its very public nature, it can also be a place where what you write can hurt you … if you reveal too much, too openly.

For example, if you have a job, but mention you are looking for a new one on a group discussion board, your company could find out and let you go. 

Or, you could post a status update that mentions that you are interviewing at a specific company and an old foe connection could use the knowledge to sabotage you.

If you need to be cautious about what you say to whom on LinkedIn, organize your contacts into categories so you can send mass In-Mail messages to only those you trust and who you believe will be helpful to you in your job search.

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Click the Tag icon to tag the person so that you can send targeted messages to selected tagged people later.

  • Visit Network > Contacts. 
  • Hover over a person's entry and select the Tag icon. 
  • Select an existing tag for the person, such as "Friend" or click "Add New Tags" and add a tag that fits the person. A person can have multiple tags. 

Tags are simple keywords that let you organize your connections into categories. LinkedIn provides some default options, such as “friend,” however you can create up to 200 unique tags to identify your connections, such as “family,” “group member,” etc. You can even tag former colleagues by specific company name, or tag people by their level of helpfulness to you in your job search (most helpful, moderately helpful, no help at all, evil backstabber, etc. :) You can sort a person by as many tags as is relevant. For example, someone could be ‘local’, a ‘friend’ and a ‘coworker’.

If you accept an invitation from a person who indicates he or she is from one of your LinkedIn groups, is a colleague or classmate, LinkedIn automatically tags him or her as such. Likewise, connections who you invited to connect are tagged with the keywords such as 'colleagues', 'friends', 'partners' or 'group members' that you chose when you invited them to connect. You can unclick these initial tags and add new tags, if you chose. You are the only person who will see your tags (which is good news if you tagged someone as an “evil backstabber!” :)

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Send a message to a tagged group by visiting Network > Contacts, sort by last name and then filter by tag.
Click a tagged group to view all connections within that category.

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Select a tagged group to send a LinkedIn InMail message.

To send a LinkedIn message to a specific group of tagged connections:
1. Click 'Network' and then 'Contacts.'
2. Sort by Last Name.
3. Filter by All Contacts > Tag. 
4. Select a tagged group. 
5. Select all or some of the people in the tagged group. 
6. Click the Message icon.
7. Complete the "Compose Message" box with the subject and message.
8. Uncheck the box next to "Allow recipients to see each other's names and email addresses" so recipients don't see all of the email addresses.
9. Click the box next to "Send me a copy" (if you wish).
10. Click "Send." The message will be sent to all tagged people’s LinkedIn Inbox. If they have set their email notification settings to receive emails, the message will also be sent to their email address.

Scroll beneath the tag categories on the left navigation bar of your ‘My Connections’ page for even more options. For example, sort by (and send In-Mail messages to) connections by:

  • First name
  • Companies (companies where you or your connection has indicated they work or have worked)
  • Locations (so you can instantly find all connections within your city)
  • Industry (so you can select connections to write to within a target industry)
  • Recent activity (which allows you to write to new connections or those connections who recently added new connections)

The Job Tips by Topic page offers a wealth of tools to help you keep connected with people who can help you find work. So click around to see how you can benefit and then tag and write to select connections.

What tips do you have about tagging and targeting select contacts? Or what horror stories have you heard about people who were too open on LinkedIn? Add your comments via the Contact tab.

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