How to get a LinkedIn connection to introduce you to someone

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Use the "Ask for an introduction" feature to get 
introduced to the hiring manager at your target company.
The LinkedIn "Ask for an introduction" feature allows you to reach employers who you don't know through people who you do. 

Here's how to use it find the right person at the right company:

Step 1: Find the hiring manager using LinkedIn. 
  • Log onto LinkedIn and then click the Advanced link at the top of any page. 
  • Select the People option on the left navigation bar. 
  • Type the target company name in the Company box and the target person's probable title in the Title box. Choose "current" in the Current or Past box to view only current employees.
  • If it is a company with multiple locations and you seek a local employee, add the company's local zip code into the postal code box. 
  • Add keywords, such as "accounting" in the Keywords box (optional) to fine-tune your search.
  • Click Search. 

LinkedIn, LinkedIn advanced people search, LinkedIn search,
Find the right person by using LinkedIn's Advanced People Search.

Step 2: Find the right 2nd degree within the search results. Click the person's picture or name to visit his/her profile. 

Note: You can't reach a 3rd degree connection through the "Ask for an introduction" feature. To reach a 3rd degree connection, invite him/her to connect (free, but customize your message), join a LinkedIn group that he/she is in and send a message to the person through the group (free - see instructions below), or send an InMail message (premium account required, unless the person is an Open Profiler -- you can send them messages for free.     

LinkedIn, LinkedIn advanced people search, LinkedIn search,
Use Advanced People Search to find the name and title of the probable boss for the position that you want.

Who should be your target recipient? (Best preferences, in order) 
  1. The likely boss of the open position
  2. That person's boss or the division or department leader
  3. The company CEO, particularly if it is a small company
  4. The in-house recruiter (although you may want to go around him/her)
  5. Any person at the target company if you cannot find the target recipient

Step 3: Choose your best mutual connection to the target person. You can do so by finding the "How You're Connected" section on the lower right portion of your target person's profile. If the person shown, for example, Tom E., isn't the best person to introduce you, click the more tab and choose a different mutual connection to introduce you. 

how you are connected on LinkedIn, LinkedIn connections

A box will pop up (linking you to your LinkedIn Messaging Center) that will allow you to type a new name into the To: box. Remove the original name from the To: box and from the automated message. You can customize your message to your connection, but don't remove the target recipient's LinkedIn profile address and don't put anything in the message that you don't want your intended recipient to see.

Once your message has been sent, your connection can forward your message to your target person or decline to send it. If they decline, you will receive a notice as to why they didn't send it so that you can fix the reason, or choose a different person to introduce you to the target person.

Prepare your 1st degree connection
For best results, ask your 1st degree connection before sending him/her an "Ask for an introduction" message.

Send a LinkedIn InMail message or email to your connection and write something like, "Tom, I notice that you are a 1st degree connection to Bob Brown at Mega Corp. I'm interested in working there. Would you be comfortable if I sent you a LinkedIn "Ask to be introduced" request for you to forward to him? Any information you can pass along about Bob or Mega Corp., or any good word that you can put in for me to Bob would be greatly appreciated. I'm seeking a position as a (TITLE). If you’d like, I can email you my resume so you can speak knowledgeably about me to Bob. Let me know your email address so I can send it to you. Thanks for your help."

Don’t abuse your relationship with your 1st degree connections by sending them too many introduction requests. Instead, establish a relationship with them where you can be of help to them. Also let them know how their help benefited you and thank them for their assistance. 

In conclusion, the "Ask for an introduction" feature can be a great way to become acquainted with the right person at your target company, so give it a whirl … getting introduced could help land your dream job!

What tips or horror stories do you have about getting introduced through LinkedIn? Share them! Thanks, Kathy

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Messaging a person in a LinkedIn group

If you are in a LinkedIn group with the intended recipient, you don’t have to go through a 1st degree connection. Simply contact the target person directly through the group. 

LinkedIn groups, messaging LinkedIn group members

Here's how:

  • Click Interests at the top of your home page and then select Groups.
  • Click the group's name from your list of groups.
  • Click the number of members link.
  • Type the person's name into the group's Search box to find the person's name in the list.
  • Hover over the person's entry and then click the Send message icon.
  • Create your message and click Send Message.

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